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When 3rd-ranked Gwangju, a team on a roll, meets first-place Ulsan…”We’re going to win”

While Jeonbuk Hyundai and FC Seoul faltered, Gwangju FC took third place. Ulsan Hyundai (61 points), Pohang Steelers (50 points), and then Gwangju.

With 42 points, Gwangju leads Jeonbuk 소닉카지노 by multiple points. The difference with Seoul (40 points) is 2 points. Before the lid opened this season, there was virtually no prospect that Gwangju, the ‘promoted team’, would rise to the top. However, director Lee Jeong-hyo rejected such expectations. The statement that “remaining is not the goal” was not a lie.

Gwangju soccer is unstoppable. Whoever the opponent is, attack again and attack forward. The absence of an outstanding star is a bigger weapon. There are as many as 11 players who have scored multiple goals, including Asani who scored 7 goals. Praise is pouring in for Gwangju’s ‘taste to watch’ soccer.

Gwangju, who forgets fear, faces a decent opponent this weekend. ‘Absolute No. 1’ Ulsan. Gwangju will play the 29th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ with Ulsan at 4:30 pm on September 3 at the Ulsan World Cup Stadium. Comparatively, there is no comparison. Ulsan has won both meetings with Gwangju this season.

However, in terms of recent trends, Gwangju has the upper hand. Ulsan, who gained momentum early with 6 consecutive wins on two occasions and 5 consecutive wins on one occasion, took a somewhat heavy step. Gwangju lost the match 0-1 to Ulsan on July 2nd and forgot the defeat. They are running undefeated in 8 matches (3 wins, 5 draws). On the other hand, Ulsan is recording 3 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses during that period. Looking at the last 5 matches, Gwangju has 3 wins, 2 draws, and Ulsan has 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

For Gwangju, it is a great opportunity to capture Ulsan. On July 2nd, the clock could be turned back from a 0-1 defeat. Of course there are variables. Gwangju has a power leak. Asani and Heo Yul will miss the Ulsan game due to accumulated warnings. But this director is confident. He emphasized, “We will prepare equally well as we used to. We are going to win.”

Ulsan is worried about Lee Chung-yong. Lee Cheong-yong was substituted in the 13th minute of the first half in an away game against Seoul on the 27th, and was replaced due to an injury in the 13th minute of the second half. It is unclear whether he will participate in the Gwangju match. Eom Won-sang and Seol Young-woo are also said to be in poor condition.

Ulsan scored a 2-2 draw with a ‘theater’ equalizer just before the end of the match against Seoul. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo expressed deep regret. However, he was relieved at the revival of Joo Min-gyu. Coach Hong expected, “Ju Min-gyu scored after a long time. Scoring two points will be a great help in the future.”

There are now five rounds left until the split fork. Gwangju can enter Final A if it continues its current upward trend. At that stage, you can even aim for a ticket to participate in the Asian Champions League (ACL).

Ulsan, which is aiming for its first K-League second consecutive victory since its founding, is also looking at an ‘early win’. In order to do that, you need to get 3 victory points unconditionally in the home room. A ‘special meeting’ between 3rd place Gwangju and 1st place Ulsan awaits.

Dodgers 0-11, ‘phobia’ lingers…KBO reverse-export myth crumbles with career-worst pitching performance

‘KBO reverse export myth’ Merrill Kelly 먹튀검증 (35, Arizona Diamondbacks) collapsed. The biggest reason is that she still couldn’t overcome her phobia of LA Dodgers.

Kelly started on the 30th (Korean time) in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ Dodgers match held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Kelly: Mookie Betts (2nd baseman) – Freddie Freeman (1st baseman) – Will Smith (catcher) – Max Muncy (3rd baseman) – David Peralta (designated hitter) – Jason Hayward (right fielder) – James Outman (center fielder) – Taylor (left fielder) and Miguel Rojas (shortstop) competed against the other lineup.

Kelly was easily attacked by the Dodgers lineup from the beginning of the game. As if the fear of the Dodgers came back to life, he showed pitching that was completely different from before.

In the bottom of the first inning, Kelly hit a 1 RBI double from Peralta and a 2 RBI double from Hayward to make it 0-3. In the bottom of the second inning, Rojas allowed an RBI and a timely hit to make the score 0-4. At the beginning of the third inning, Peralta allowed an RBI and Taylor an RBI and a double, leading to 0-6.

Kelly kept the mound until the fifth inning. But he lost again. In the bottom of the 5th inning when the team was trailing 1-6, Outman made a sacrifice fly to make it 1-7. In the bottom of the 6th inning, Kelly was replaced by reliever Scott McGuff to finish the mound.

The final score was 5 innings, 12 hits, 3 walks, 1 strikeout and 7 runs, breaking the record for the most hits in a single game (previous 11 hits) and setting a tie record for the most runs. The team also lost 1-9 and recorded 6 losses (10 wins) of the season.

Not just this day, Kelly struggled against the Dodgers throughout his career. According to the Major League statistics website ‘Baseball Reference’, Kelly recorded an average ERA of 5.03 with 0-10 and 78⅔innings in 15 career matches against the Dodgers until this day. It is the only team that has not recorded a single win by making more than double digits.

Even if the pitcher throws well, you can think that it was unlucky because it can not be done without support from the other line, so Kelly’s details itself were not clear. He gave up 93 hits (13 home runs) and 47 runs (44 earned runs) in 78⅔ innings pitched.

It was a pitch that was far from Kelly, who had won double-digit wins since his debut season in 2019 and established himself as the team’s one-two punch and the U.S. baseball team’s national team.

Meanwhile, Arizona confirmed the losing series early by recording a losing streak against the Dodgers in three consecutive away matches. In the first game held the day before (29th), after losing 4-7 even after losing 4-7 to ace Jack Gallen, who ranked 3rd in the league in most wins (14 wins), he was unable to win and bowed his head on the day Kelly appeared.

Arizona’s season record was 69-64, falling behind the wild card 3rd place (San Francisco Giants/69-63), which is the final line for advancing into the postseason, by ‘0.5’.

‘Dangerous New York Life Deadline’ 2015 AL MVP…”Release” from the Yankees

Josh Donaldson (38), former MVP, was released from the New York Yankees.

On the 30th (Korean time),소닉카지노, the official homepage of the Major League Baseball (MLB), said, “Donaldson, who was selected as an All-Star three times and became the 2015 American League (AL) MVP, has ended a difficult life in New York.”

Donaldson was placed on the 10-day disabled list (IL) on July 17 with a right calf problem. Four days later he was moved to IL for 60 days, lengthening the hiatus. Recently, the possibility of returning was cautiously discussed, but it was sorted out as ‘release’. Donaldson’s performance this season was 0.142 batting average (15 hits in 106 at-bats) in 33 games, 10 home runs and 15 RBIs. The combined OPS of on-base percentage (0.225) and slugging percentage (0.434) is 0.659.

Donaldson won the AL MVP in 2015 with the Toronto Blue Jays, hitting 41 homers and 123 RBIs. He also has a history of winning the All-Star three times and the Silver Slugger twice in his personal career. However, starting in 2020, his performance plummeted. Even after he transferred from the Minnesota Twins to the Yankees in March 2020, there was no rebound. He had a batting average of 0.222 (106 hits in 478 at-bats), 15 homers and 62 RBIs in 132 games last year. His OPS actually ‘bottomed’ at 0.682, and his performance this season was not much different. His two seasons with the Yankees were a batting average of 0.207, 25 homers and 77 RBIs.

I’m behind the second team members…Coach Choi Won-ho, who gave up his expectations for Williams, is a Hanwha foreign hitter who is settled as a disastrous failure

Hanwha Eagles’ foreign hitter recruiting this season is likely to end in a catastrophic failure. Following Brian O’Grady, Nick Williams was also disqualified 먹튀검증. Even director Choi Won-ho, who wanted to correct and improve weaknesses and use them to the end, practically gave up expectations. Not only does his batting ability drop, but his defensive ability is also evaluated to be below average.

Following the KIA Tigers game in Gwangju on the 27th, Williams fell into the starting lineup against the Lotte Giants in Daejeon on the 29th. The game on the 29th was canceled due to rain, but even if the game was played, it would have been difficult to participate considering the recent sluggish performance.

Williams kept the bench without a replacement on the 27th. In the game on the 27th, Choi In-ho took the place of Williams as the left fielder, and on the 29th the starting lineup was Euro-gyeol. Both players are resources that have recently been raised from the Future Team (second team). Williams was virtually excluded from the force.

Williams joined at the end of June as a replacement for O’Grady, who had become a ‘taboo word’. As players who were initially on the club’s recruiting list were called up to the major leagues one after another, the club decided to recruit after careful consideration.

An amazing thing happened when a foreign hitter on the team that was last in team batting average entered the batting order 8th. Takeback when hitting

While reducing motion, he made a brilliant performance in the middle of this month. He slightly excited the people of Hanwha. However, his sharp swing did not last long.

0-for-10 with 4 strikeouts in his last 3 games. As of the 28th, he has a batting average of .2 2.2 (32 hits in 144 at-bats), 4 home runs and 18 RBIs. From the beginning of joining the team, it was pointed out that there was a problem with the pioneering plan, but it has not improved at all. He walked only one while striking out 37 in 149 plate appearances.

He also has many loopholes in left field defense. Not only the throw but also the catch are below average as a professional outfielder. Director Choi Won-ho said, “I’m looking at it at a fairly low level.” If he has excellent offense, he would accept and use poor defense, but that is not the case at all.

Manager Choi said, “When the feeling of hitting rises, he will be used as a designated hitter.” He has been patiently watching all this time, but it means that he will not give him a chance without conditions in the future.

Williams is also pushed by players from the second team. He has little chance of renewing the contract if the current atmosphere continues.

This year, O’Grady and Williams’ two foreign batters posted a batting average of 1.87 (42 hits in 224 at-bats), 4 homers, 26 RBIs and 19 runs. It’s a terrible record.

Ohtani, “injury to the ligament,” Why are you insisting on at-bat instead of surgery when PS is out of water, and his last fight ahead of the “big deal” contract

Even though the team’s fall baseball has 카지노사이트 virtually gone, Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) continues to enter the plate even though his physical condition is not good. Why did he make this choice?

On the 28th, Nikkan Gendai, a Japanese media outlet, mentioned Ohtani’s current condition under the theme of “Why is Ohtani playing despite elbow ligament damage when the team’s chances of advancing to the playoffs are low?”

Ohtani has a ligament problem in his right elbow where he currently pitches. He took the mound as a starting pitcher in the first game of a doubleheader against the Cincinnati Reds on the 24th, but was pulled after 1⅓ innings complaining of elbow pain. After the second game of the double header, the Los Angeles Angels officially announced that “Ohtani will not be able to play as a pitcher for the rest of the season due to a torn medial collateral ligament (UCL) in his right elbow.”

Ohtani, who underwent Tommy John surgery (elbow ligament splicing surgery) in October 2018, showed a shaky appearance after returning to the mound in 2020. However, after recording 9 wins, 2 losses and an ERA of 3.18 the following year, Ohtani quickly became a top player in the major leagues as a pitcher. In particular, last year, with 15 wins and an average ERA of 2.33, he ranked fourth in the American League Cy Young Award voting. He maintained an earned run average in the 2-point range until May this year as well, establishing himself as the Angels’ ace.

However, Ohtani exposed his anxiety by making 5 or more runs three times in July. He had a shutout victory against Detroit on the 28th of last month, but in his next appearance (against Seattle on August 4), he was knocked out after 4 innings due to a problem with his fingers. Then, on the 10th, he felt discomfort in his arm after throwing 6 innings and 1 run (zero earned) against San Francisco, and on the 17th, he skipped a start against Texas, due to fatigue in his arm.

In the end, Ohtani was released after pitching only 1⅓ innings against Cincinnati on the 24th, and was eventually diagnosed with elbow ligament damage. In the process, as the club’s accountability theory emerged, Perry Minassian Angels general manager said in an interview with, “After the Seattle match on the 4th, the club suggested magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), but the player refused.” also showed

Anyway, given the current situation, there is a high possibility that Ohtani will be on the operating table again in five years. However, Ohtani announced that he would only play as a batter for the rest of the season instead of out of the season.

This is clearly the part I don’t understand. As of the 28th, the affiliated team, the Angels, recorded a season record of 63 wins and 68 losses (0.481 win rate), and was 11.5 games behind Seattle Mariners, the leader of the American League West. It is 10.5 games behind the wild card 3rd place (Houston), which is the right to advance to the postseason, and fall baseball is in fact difficult. In fact, baseball statistics site Baseball Reference put the Angels’ odds of advancing to the postseason at 0.1%, and the odds of winning the World Series even lower than that.

Even so, Ohtani continues to play as a hitter. In fact, Ohtani already had the same experience five years ago. Even in 2018, when he had his first Tommy John surgery, he hit 22 homers at bat by the end of the season even though he only pitched in 10 games as a pitcher. According to the media, Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish (San Diego) said in a personal broadcast, “Even if the ligaments are damaged, you can hit.”

The media then claimed, “Ohtani seems to be aiming for the batting title this season.” Ohtani has enjoyed honors such as winning Rookie of the Year in 2018 and the 2021 Unanimous League MVP. However, he has yet to win any individual titles. In 2021, he entered the competition for the home run king, but recorded 46 home runs, falling behind Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Toronto) and Salvador Perez (Kansas City, more than 48 home runs).

However, this year, as he hit 44 homers by the 28th, he is leading the American League home run by a whopping 10 gap with Lewis Robert (White Sox, 34 homers), who is second. Ohtani also ranked first in runs scored (100 points), on-base percentage (0.409), and slugging percentage (0.666). Here, the batting average was also 0.305, which was in third place. If he ranks first in the batting average and RBI categories, he can win the American League batting triple crown (three crowns) for the first time in 11 years since Miguel Cabrera (Detroit) in 2012.

Ohtani’s performance also draws comparisons to his teammate Mike Trout. On the 4th of last month, Trout was placed on the injured list (IL) when he fractured the iliac bone in his left wrist during a swing. He returned from the Cincinnati game on the 23rd and went 1-for-4. However, Trout went back to the injured list after a day. In the midst of poor team performance, he does not have to overdo it.

Ohtani is different. Ohtani will qualify as a free agent (FA) after the end of this season. The expected ransom, which was once looking up to 600 million dollars (approximately 795.6 billion won), has fallen due to injury, but if he wins the title in hitting, the value will be recognized. This is why Ohtani has no choice but to overdo it a little ahead of the jackpot contract.

Sutton, tired and lonely after poor performance, finally packs his bags

Larry Sutton, manager of the Lotte Giants, put down the baton.

The Lotte club announced on the 28th, “Coach Sutton expressed his gratitude for health reasons after the match against KT Wiz on the 27th 스포츠토토. The club accepts Sutton’s will after careful consideration.” 

Lotte played the game against KT the previous day under the acting supervisory system of head coach Lee Jong-woon. The Lotte club explained the reason, saying, “Director Sutton returned home for health reasons after going to the baseball field.” At the time, manager Sutton informed the club of his intention to resign and said goodbye to some players. 

Coach Sutton has been under extreme stress amid poor grades recently. On the 17th, ahead of the Busan LG Twins game, rumors of health problems circulated. Attending the official press conference before the game, he drew the line, “Where did the story of ‘I fell down’ come from? 

However, he eventually complained of dizziness and vacated the director’s seat that day. As a result of the hospital examination, no special diagnosis or abnormality was found, but abnormal symptoms continued. An official said, “It was also difficult for Sutton to be in the dugout. Due to the stress caused by poor grades, he recently suffered symptoms similar to panic disorder.” 

Coach Sutton, who played for the Hyundai Unicorns-KIA Tigers as a player, took the helm of the Futures (second team) league from finishing training in 2019 and started a relationship with Lotte. In mid-May 2021, Lotte sacked former coach Heo Moon-hoe and entrusted the first team to Sutton, who was leading the second team. In 2021, Lotte, who was in last place with 12 wins and 18 losses (0.400 win rate) under former coach Heo, recorded 53 wins, 53 losses and 8 draws with a win rate of 0.500 in the remaining games after Sutton took over. Accordingly, Lotte extended the contract with manager Sutton, which was until 2022, by one year, guaranteeing his tenure until 2023. Last year, when coach Sutton led the team for the first time since spring camp, Lotte finished 8th (64 wins, 76 losses, 4 draws). 

Ahead of this season, Lotte spent 19 billion won in paid-in capital increase from its parent group on recruiting free agents (FA). However, a red light was turned on in the challenge to advance to the postseason (PS) in six years. It passed April, the first month of the regular season, in first place, and formed a top-three system with the LG Twins and SSG Landers by early June. However, after June it started to deteriorate. By mid-August, he had been on the rise with 8 wins and 2 losses, but recently fell into a 7-game losing streak and fell away from the top 5 fight again. As of the 28th, the 5th place KIA, which is the last line to advance to the postseason, and the ride took place up to 5 games. Lotte has only 36 remaining games left, so it is not easy to reverse.

The sluggish performance made Sutton isolated. In the preceding two years, there were three foreign coaches on the bench for the first team. Foreign coaches left this year, and a large number of domestic coaches were recruited. In addition, Sutton has shared baseball philosophy with Lotte general manager Seong Min-gyu, but the atmosphere has changed this season. In June, when pitching coach Bae Young-soo went down to the 2nd team, even internal conflicts surfaced. Since then, doubts about Sutton’s leadership have risen. 

Ultimately, Sutton decided to lay down his baton rather than fill out the remainder of his tenure. Following Yang Sang-moon and Heo Moon-hoe, three Lotte coaches, including Sutton, left without being able to fill the contract period in a row. Head coach Lee Jong-woon, who took command of the first team in 2015, will lead Lotte as acting manager for the remainder of the season. 

Bucheon City Corporation, blind to ‘landlord shenanigans’…damage is solely the responsibility of clubs and fans

Can you imagine a soccer field without ‘food’? The unimaginable happened last weekend at Bucheon Sports Complex. It was a skit that occurred due to the unilateral request of the ‘landlord’ Bucheon Urban Corporation 카지노사이트.

Bucheon FC 1995 won 1-0 in the Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 Round 28 home game against Seoul E-Land FC at 8 pm on the 26th. Bucheon was scheduled to hold the ‘BFC Lalala Night Market’ with the concept of a night market to soothe the heat on a summer night. It was a plan to provide a different food service to fans.

Bucheon decided to sell Bucheon makgeolli from the official sponsor, ‘Dongnebangne ​​Sosa-dong Brewery’, and another official sponsor, ‘Spacejak’, to operate a night market food truck zone and sell foods such as seafood chives, stir-fried pork, and tofu kimchi.” said. During this process, we communicated with Bucheon City Corporation and completed prior consultations. However, the ‘BFC Lalala Night Market’, which had been promoted since a month ago, was eventually canceled due to the unreasonable demands of the Bucheon City Corporation.

Bucheon City Corporation initially accepted the opening of the night market in Bucheon on the condition that it did not announce the recommendation to drink alcohol even if it sold makgeolli. However, on the 25th, the day before the game, the Bucheon team suddenly contacted them and suddenly changed their words, saying, “Cancel the operation of the night market and food truck zone, including the sale of makgeolli.”

because of complaints. “Is the playground a bar, the Bucheon club is trying to make money for sponsors, and Spacejak seems to have preferential treatment for running a food truck every game. I will ask for appreciation,” was the starting point. A local map reported the fact and used provocative words such as “gives preferential treatment” and “has a drinking party” and pushed Bucheon.

Bucheon has become an ‘immoral’ club that illegally gives preferential treatment to certain companies and engages in drinking in the stadium. However, all of them are claims stemming from ‘ignorance’, a lack of understanding of the field.

Spacejak is a company that has consistently maintained a sponsorship relationship with the Bucheon club. Starting this year, a food truck zone is also operated. It is not that Bucheon gave ‘preferential treatment’, but it can be said that it is a right that Spacejak obtained through a legitimate contract. From Bucheon’s point of view, it is also a ‘grateful partner’ who helped to stably operate the food truck zone, which was highly volatile every economy. Official procedures for food truck operation, such as business reporting, had also been completed, so there was no problem.

It is also an idea that goes against the times to describe the sale of alcohol in a soccer field as “a drinking party in a stadium”. The sale of alcoholic beverages, including beer, is allowed inside the stadium. Enjoying a game with a glass of beer is a familiar scene not only for the K-League, but also for fans of professional sports such as baseball. In this day and age, it is questionable how many people will see this as ‘having a drinking party’.

Of course, selling alcohol in food trucks can be problematic. So, the Bucheon team also decided to accept the request of the correction to sell makgeolli at outdoor canteens. However, when the complaint was published in the article, Bucheon City Corporation raised its voice and demanded a ‘total cancellation’. In the process, he even made a request that was difficult to accept, saying, ‘Change all to existing menus that are not snacks.’ Changing all the menus a day in advance when the ingredients were already prepared was a request that was practically impossible to realize.

In the end, Bucheon was unable to operate the food truck zone, including the night market, during the home game on the 26th. The sponsor, Spacejak, suffered a huge loss as the ingredients they prepared were useless, and the Bucheon team, which painstakingly prepared the event a month ago, wasted energy and time. Bucheon fans also had to suffer from inconvenience because there was no space to enjoy food on the day of the match.

The soccer field is no longer just a place to enjoy soccer. In addition to Bucheon, each K-League club is providing a variety of food, including alcoholic beverages, on the day of the game to increase the influx of fans. Just as FC Seoul’s food truck emerged as a ‘good restaurant’ among K-League fans through word of mouth, food functions as ‘another motive’ for fans to visit the soccer field. Now, food has become one of the fan services that clubs must provide, but Bucheon has been unable to provide even basic fan service due to their will.

Of course, it is a well-known fact that public institutions are sensitive to civil complaints. However, it is regrettable that the government repeatedly made unreasonable demands unilaterally, without going through the process of figuring out whether the complaint was legitimate and the extent of the damage. The damage caused by that went back to the club, sponsors, and fans.

A more serious problem is the fact that you don’t know when you will become a victim of this ‘gap-jil’ again. Since the ‘owner’ of Bucheon Sports Complex is Bucheon City Corporation, the club has no choice but to comply even if they make unreasonable demands. Even at the concert held at Bucheon Sports Complex from the 9th to the 10th of next month, the ‘grass zone’ is openly being sold. Bucheon City Corporation did not even try to notify in advance so that the Bucheon club could make appropriate preparations in this process.

Even if you are a ‘landlord’, shouldn’t you have a certain level of morality to be considerate of your tenants? Unfortunately, there is no device to protect ‘tenants’ on the soccer board. When you meet a landlord with no morals, you have to endure the pain alone. Just like Bucheon, who was in pain with no place to complain even if the event he had been preparing for over a month collapsed overnight.

‘A 90-degree salute, even in the face of a headshot ejection…’ Partnership spirit shines through

Unexpected headshot. Even in the 토토사이트 subsequent exit situation, the spirit of partnership shined. This is the story of Lim Chan-gyu (31) of the LG Twins and Park Geon-woo (33) of the NC Dinos.

The NC Dinos won the LG Twins 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League home game 5-3 at Changwon NC Park on the 27th.

With this victory, NC swept all 3 consecutive matches with LG and succeeded in winning 3 in a row, marking 55 wins, 49 losses and 2 draws. The league standings are 4th. The ride with SSG in 3rd place was 3 games, and the ride with KIA in 5th place was 2 games. On the other hand, LG recorded 65 wins, 41 losses, and 2 draws while losing three straight games. League ranking is 1st.

On this day, while LG failed to take advantage of the chance of 1 company and 2nd base in the beginning of the 1st inning, NC attacked at the end of the 1st inning. LG starter Lim Chan-gyu took the mound. First of all, he allowed a right-handed hit after a 4-pitch match against Son A-seop, who is known for being close. Then, he was hit in the middle by Park Min-woo, and he was immediately put into a crisis on 1st and 3rd base.

Next, Park Kun-woo stood at bat. However, the 144km fastball thrown by Lim Chan-gyu unfortunately fell out of his hand and headed toward Park Gun-woo’s head, hitting his helmet as it was. Park Gun-woo collapsed on the spot. He was fortunate enough not to have been hit directly in the face. Still, the impact was transmitted to his entire face through his helmet.

NC’s coaches and trainers, as well as LG’s head coach Kim Jung-jun and captain Oh Ji-hwan, approached the fallen Park Gun-woo to check his condition. Lim Chan-gyu also sat there, bending his knees, watching Park Kun-woo’s condition. Park Min-woo also comforted Lim Chan-gyu. After a while, Park Kun-woo stood up and walked slowly toward first base. At this time, Lim Chan-gyu, who was taking off his hat, approached Park Geon-woo. And Lim Chan-gyu did not just say hello to Park Gun-woo, but bowed his waist at almost 90 degrees and said “I’m sorry” and conveyed his sincere apologies. Lim Chan-kyu, who is usually known for being cheerful, but he also seemed very surprised. Then Park Kun-woo rather tapped Lim Chan-gyu on the shoulder to express the meaning of ‘it’s okay’. It was a moment when the spirit of partnership between the two shone even in the situation where they were kicked out and even when they almost got seriously hurt.

Lim Chan-gyu trudged out of the ground only after conveying his apologies to Park Kun-woo. It was his 24th ejection in the KBO League this season and his 10th headshot ejection. Fortunately, it was reported that Park Gun-woo’s condition was fine. Regarding Park Kun-woo’s condition during the game, an NC official said, “As a result of the examination, there are no major abnormalities other than slight dizziness.” In the past, when Park Gun-woo played for Doosan, the two, along with Lim Chan-gyu, were loved by many female fans, especially as ‘handsome men’ representing Jamsil Stadium. Even behind the scenes, they greeted each other warmly as older brother and younger brother and listened to each other’s requests. And this time, he created a warm atmosphere in a dizzying situation.

Biggest happiness in 25 years as a leader… “I’m happy to see my alma mater win the championship.”

Oh Hae-jong, head coach of Chung-Ang University, who has been a leader for 25 years, expressed overwhelming emotions after winning the championship.

Chung-Ang University, led by 카지노사이트 coach Oh Hae-jong, defeated Jeju International University, led by head coach Seo Hyuk-soo, by a score of 4-1 in the final match of the 59th Chugye Univ. Chung-Ang University lifted the championship trophy for the first time in 4 years since 2019. 

After the match, coach Oh Hae-jong said, “We were able to win thanks to the support and encouragement of the general manager, manager, and president of the Chung-Ang University soccer team in difficult circumstances.” Blocking off attacking midfielders, things like that worked well. It is also the same with scoring an extra goal early in the situation when the atmosphere was about to turn.” 

It was the central university that eventually stood at the top, but the beginning was not good. Chung-Ang University lost 1-2 to Yongin University in the first match of the group stage. However, after that, he calmed down and showed off his fierce momentum. Head coach Oh Hae-jong said, “After losing one in the preliminaries and overcoming obstacles, the organization became solid and I gained confidence that I could do anything. The team has become stronger as time goes on,” he said. 

On this day, three first-year players scored one goal each. Head coach Oh Hae-jong said, “I have the idea of ​​appointing better kids by making them compete equally on the playground regardless of grade level. Because everyone is given a chance to compete, it seems that the children worked harder and gained more strength as they went from spring to fall,” he said. (Assignment) I reached the semifinals in one month. It seems that the team has improved as we competed in good faith.” 

Coach Oh Hae-jong is a leader with deep bones in the high school stage. He said, “After 20 years of high school, I came to conquer (high school stage) and conquer college. that was the dream We won early, but we need to be able to continue to lead,” he emphasized. 

Head coach Oh Hae-jong, who has been a leader for 25 years, said, “I became a leader at Jungdaebu High School and won the championship, and then came back to Chung-Ang University, my alma mater, and won the championship. I am even more happy that I (won the championship) within an early time in college. I am more happy to win because the university level is higher than high school.” 

Coach Oh Hae-jong is a holder of a P-level instructor’s license. He said, “(Soccer) is difficult the more you play. Football never ends even if you study continuously. The more you do it, the more difficult it becomes. I felt that it would be difficult if I didn’t try and study,” he said. “This is the beginning. I am a freshman in college, but I will start from now and make Chung-Ang University the best team.”

“When I can’t go out, I feel psychologically…” KIA 26-year-old outfielder’s honest confession, I was chased, I was seen, and it was hard

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk declared that he would change the technique of Choi Won-joon (26) after three consecutive matches against KT. In the 스포츠토토 meantime, he judged that he had been playing only as an unfamiliar first baseman due to the team’s circumstances with a full outfield, and was showing signs of shrinking due to frequent mistakes.

For Choi Won-joon to consistently play, first baseman is right. However, coach Kim couldn’t wait to see Choi Won-joon’s batting and feeling burdened in defense. He made a bold change. he was sent to the outfield. He said he would occasionally let the first base defense go. To the extent that there is a position change in the second half of the game. He is likely to start almost exclusively as a left fielder or center fielder.

Instead, it is difficult for him to start every game. This is because Lee Woo-sung, the hit product of this season, is there. Socrates Brito, Na Seong-beom, and designated hitter Choi Hyung-woo are all fixed. Because of this, there is a high possibility that Choi Won-joon will actually be used as Lee Woo-sung’s platoon from now on. When Hanhwa posted left-hander Ricardo Sanchez in the Gwangju KIA match on the 25th, Lee Woo-seong, and Choi Won-jun started each when they posted right-hander Felix Pena in the Gwangju KIA match on the 26th.

Until this day, Choi Won-jun had not been released with a batting average of 0.250. But as he opened his stance a bit more, he found a breakthrough. In the meantime, there was a diagnosis that his body was too lean towards the batter box body. Thanks to that, he flew to the top with 3 hits and 3 RBIs, including the final hit.

Choi Won-joon spoke frankly after the match. “Honestly, it was mentally difficult when I couldn’t go to the game. So did the defense. After he was discharged from the military, he hurriedly took over first base again, so he noticed. The coaches said, ‘(Originally) I’m not a first baseman, so take it easy,’ but the team lost, so it became a burden. The more I did, the more I was chased.”

At the beginning of his career, Choi Won-joon moved from position to position, but now it suits him to go to the outfield. On this day, he missed Moon Hyun-bin’s hit by sending it over his head once, but the bench and himself agreed and strategically stepped forward to not give a single point. It was hard to see him as an erroneous play.

Now Choi Won-joon starts again. He still has a lot of time to contribute to the team. Choi Won-joon said, “Yesterday and today, I tried to play confidently. He was trusted by his coaches and teammates. Rather, I was able to get into the bat comfortably because I was not good at it. I want to help the team fight for 5th place.”