Ohtani, who bowed his head at a critical opportunity…faded 9G hits in a row, 4 consecutive losses in LAA slugfest

 Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani continued a good trend, recording a 9-game hitting streak. However, he did not stand out in his performance in the slugfest.

On the 5th (hereinafter Korean time)먹튀검증, Ohtani was nominated for the 2023 major league home match against the Seattle Mariners held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA.

Ohtani climbed the mound as a starting pitcher the day before (4th), but while pitching 4 scoreless innings, he could not continue pitching anymore due to cramps in his right hand and fingers, and voluntarily came down the mound. However, he continued the game at bat, drew the 40th arch in the last at-bat, and stepped on the 40th home run for the first time in the major leagues this year, continuing an eight-game hitting streak.

And his good flow continued ah this day too. However, unlike the previous day (4th), it did not exert a great influence on the team’s scoring, and failed to prevent the team’s losing streak. The results of his first at-bat were not good. In the bottom of the first inning, trailing 1-4, Ohtani faced Seattle starter Luis Castillo with no runners and started the game by striking out on a foul tip on a slider on the fourth pitch.

In the second at-bat, he soothed his disappointment by going on base. At the end of the 3rd inning, with the score trailing 1-5, Ohtani played the role of a ‘link’ perfectly, getting a walk from Castillo in the second at-bat with no one on first base. Based on the performance of Ohtani and other lines, the Angels had a chance to slam the bases, and Ohtani contributed to the score by stepping home on Mike Mustakas’s tying grand slam.

The first hit came in the bottom of the fourth inning. At the end of the 4th inning, behind 5-7, with no runners out, Ohtani faced Castillo once again, and hit a 96 mile (154.5 km) four-seam fastball in the first pitch and pulled out a double in the left field. 9 game hitting streak. However, as the follow-up hit did not come out, it did not connect with the Angels’ score.

Even in a situation where the Angels and Seattle are engaged in a fierce slugfest, Ohtani’s hits were not added anymore. Ohtani struck out at the end of a tenacious fight with Castillo to 8 pitches in the fourth at-bat with no runners out in the bottom of the 6th inning, where the score was tight 7-7.

In the last at-bat, my greed was a bit excessive. Ohtani made his last at-bat at the bottom of the ninth inning, trailing 7-9, with no outs on first and second base. And he faced Seattle’s changed pitcher Matt Bush, and after swinging wrong on the slider of the first pitch, he fouled on the second pitch and was driven to an unfavorable count of 0B-2S. Then, he swung the bat wide on Bush’s high fastball, which was far out of the strike zone on the third pitch, and returned to the dugout with a strikeout, bowing his head.

On this day, the Angels broke off a difficult start by contributing 4 points from the start of the game. However, Mike Moustakas returned the game to the starting point in the middle of the game, such as shooting a grand total, but lost to Seattle in the ‘waist’ fight in the 8th and 9th innings, and lost 7-9, falling into a quagmire of 4 consecutive losses.