“The secret to three consecutive victories is systematized training and players’ confidence”

“The contents of my usual hard training showed up well in this tournament, so I was able to win three consecutive victories.”

Head coach Lee Baek-joon (pictured),스포츠토토 who led Seoul Mokdong Middle School to win the Geumgangdaegi Middle School U14 Youth Cup, cited the team color based on training as the secret to winning the tournament three times in a row in an interview after winning the championship. Director Lee said, “Mokdong Middle School is a team that clearly shows the color of soccer. The reason is that the players receive systematic training from the first grade and internalize it through games.” It seems to follow,” he said. He continued, “What our children lack the most is their physical skills, but we will focus more on improving them so that we can continue to achieve good results based on our organizational skills.”