Former Ansan FC CEO’s arrest warrant for joining a professional football team was rejected

An arrest warrant for former Ansan Greeners FC (K-League 2) representative Lee Jong-geol, who is suspected of joining the professional soccer team, has been dismissed.

On the 7th, Seoul Central District 메이저놀이터 Court Judge Yoon Jae-nam, who is in charge of arrest warrants, dismissed all arrest warrants requested by the prosecution for former Ansan FC representative Lee Jong-geol and former strategic reinforcement team leader Bae Mo.

Judge Yoon said, “The suspect is arguing with some of the facts of the crime, but he is generally acknowledging and reflecting on the basic facts.” The reason for the dismissal was explained, saying, “There is a lack of necessity and reasonableness to arrest the suspect at this stage.” He also added, “Since it seems that a significant amount of objective evidence has been secured, the risk of further destruction of evidence is low.”

Former CEO Lee is accused of receiving 10 million won in cash and a luxury watch worth 17 million won from his agent, Mr. Choi, in exchange for the signing of two players between November of last year and January of this year. Regarding the joining of these players, it was investigated that former team leader Bae also received 30 million won in cash from Choi on three occasions between August of last year and February of this year. At the time, former team leader Bae was in charge of scouting for Ansan FC.

Meanwhile, the prosecution plans to continue the related investigation against Mr. Choi, who was arrested on the 26th of last month. As Mr. Choi has been asking for favors from many club officials, we are looking into whether there are additional crimes that have not yet been revealed.