“This time, left foot” Cho Kyu-sung scored three consecutive goals…He even wrote the first milestone in 15 years

Cho Kyu-seong (FC Mittjylland) scored goals in three consecutive Danish league matches. It is the first time in 15 years that a player has scored three consecutive goals in his debut as a member of Mittwillan. In particular, following the 먹튀검증 header and right foot, this time he shook the net with his left foot, leaving a more valuable record.

Cho Kyu-seong played as a substitute in the 2023-24 Denmark Super League 3rd round away game against Lyngby held at Ringby Stadium in Denmark on the 7th (Korean time) and shook the net in extra time in the second half. It is a goal in three consecutive league games following the league opening match and European debut on the 22nd of last month against Hvidoure and against Silkeborg on the 30th.

He was excluded from the selection on this day in the aftermath of playing 120 minutes, including overtime, against Progress Niederkorn (Luxembourg) in the second qualifying round of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa Conference League (UECL) three days ago. The team lost early, conceding three goals after a player was sent off in the sixth minute and was outnumbered.

In the 36th minute of the second half, Cho Kyu-seong was put in to maintain a sense of the game and hit the ground. I tasted the goal in extra time in the second half when the team trailed 0-4 due to an additional run immediately after being put in. Cho Kyu-seong overcame the ball raised by Henrik Dalsgaard after struggling with the opposing defender, and then attempted a left-footed shot in a one-on-one confrontation with the goalkeeper. The shot went over the goalkeeper and shook the net. Mittjyllan, who almost suffered a goalless defeat, escaped defeat thanks to Cho Kyu-seong’s comeback goal.

Cho Kyu-seong, who previously scored a goal with his right foot against Hvidoure and a powerful header against Silkeborg, scored with his left foot this time. He proved that he is not a player specializing in headers, but a striker who can score goals with both feet.

In particular, this three consecutive goals is more meaningful in that it is a record that will remain in the history of the Mittwillan club. Denmark Bet 365 highlighted that day, “Cho Kyu-sung became the first Mi Tjyllan player to score goals in three consecutive matches in his debut over the past 15 seasons.” As soon as he transferred, his name was engraved in the history of the club.

Not only that. Previously, Cho Kyu-seong was proudly selected in the Best 11 of the Month for July announced by the Super League Secretariat recently. He was named as the frontline two-top striker in the 4-4-2 format. Cho Kyu-seong scored two consecutive goals during this period. Furthermore, with three goals, he is tied for third in the league in scoring. With a one-goal difference from the joint leader, he has already established himself as a striker that the Danish league pays attention to.

Even though it is his first time entering Europe, Cho Kyu-sung is showing his presence without even adjusting. It is even loved by the fans to the extent that home fans cheer for Cho Kyu-sung by chanting Cho, and hold a ceremony together after the game. If these performances continue, the time for him to advance to a bigger stage may also be shortened. Cho Kyu-sung’s European challenge began smoothly.