“Betrayed by Betrayal” Lukaku is now treated as a “backup GK” and humiliated…”Never to be welcomed”

 The ugly hair was stuck properly 먹튀검증. Romelu Lukaku (30, Chelsea) also tasted humiliation to Juventus fans, the last hope.

‘Get Football News Italy’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “Juventus Ultras ‘Juventus Curva Sud’ opposes the signing of Lukaku. They clearly expressed their opinion about the possibility of signing Lukaku, who played for Inter Milan (Inter). ” reported.

Lukaku became a duck egg in the Nakdong River this summer. It was because he had nowhere to go after defeating Inter. Lukaku was able to return to Inter last season, but he himself cut off contact and went into hiding, blocking his return.

It is the end of the traitor. Lukaku, who fell into the worst slump at Chelsea, joined Inter on loan last season. Chelsea invested a whopping 113 million euros (about 163.3 billion won) in signing him, but had no choice but to give him up. Lukaku scored only 8 goals in the league and even exploded explosive remarks such as “I am not happy at Chelsea. I want to return to Inter someday”.

Lukaku, who returned to Inter, smiled broadly and said, “I feel like I’ve come home. I’m happy to be back,” and recorded 14 goals and 7 assists for the season. Both sides wanted to continue their partnership in the 2023-2024 season, and Inter proposed 40 million euros (approximately 57.8 billion won) including options and received Chelsea’s approval.

The transaction is now complete with Lukaku’s signature. But a twist unfolded. Lukaku suddenly cut off all contact with Inter and went into negotiations with Juventus. Lukaku was even more shocked because he had declared in the past that he would never move to Juventus.

Lukaku’s eccentricity did not stop there. When there was no progress in his move to Juventus, he hurriedly contacted Inter and tried to negotiate again. It is known that the transfer is delayed because Juventus can take Lukaku only if they dispose of Doosan Blahovic first.

But there was no way Inter would accept Lukaku now. According to Sky Sports Italia, a furious Inter called Chelsea to inform them that they had no intention of signing Lukaku. Inter director Piero Ausilio answered his phone call, but reportedly hung up after giving a very brief reply that he couldn’t take it back anymore.

Inter legends also took a shot at Lukaku. Alessandro Altobelli criticized it as “a very appropriate betrayal of a team that really wanted Lukaku when Antonio Conte was in charge,” and Giuseppe Bergomi also said, “Life is a series of choices, and there is no way to fix this situation. Luca “Koo talked to AC Milan and Juventus while Inter tried to sign him. He must accept the consequences of his actions.”

Javier Zanetti, Inter’s vice-president, who is known for his gentlemanly nature, couldn’t contain his anger, saying, “Lukaku betrayed us. He was very disappointed. He expected a completely different behavior from him as a professional and as a person.”

Now the only option left for Lukaku is to somehow wear a Juventus shirt. He is currently back in London and training separately at Chelsea, but the chances of him playing for Chelsea are close to zero. Chelsea has no intention of leaving him, who is a problem child, in the team, so

the possibility is open. Chelsea are pushing for a swap deal for Lukaku and Blahovic with an additional transfer fee. According to Italian ‘Gianluca di Marzio’, Lukaku has already completed a personal agreement with Juventus and agreed to a 3+1 year contract.

However, the eyes of Juventus fans are not good. Recently, several fans protested outside the club’s medical facility, chanting ‘We don’t want Lukaku’. It seems that not only Inter fans but also Juventus fans are strongly opposed to Lukaku signing.

Juventus Curva Sud was also not alone. They said, ‘Lukaku stays at Milan. We already have a backup goalkeeper,” he warned, holding up a banner that read. Sharing the photo on social media, he said, “We don’t forget what happened. Lukaku, you will never be welcomed here.” Lukaku, the ‘traitor’, is gradually disappearing