Jeon Ju-sung star foreboding, Park Jae-yong hold the weight of the “Post Cho Kyu-sung” crown

Post Jo Gyu-seong’ Park Jae-yong (23, Jeonbuk Hyundai) is emerging as a new star in Jeonju.

Park Jae-yong started in the K-League 먹튀검증 1 round 25 match against Incheon United held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 6th and scored the opening goal in the 14th minute of the first half, leading Jeonbuk to a 2-0 victory. Park Jae-yong received Han Kyo-won’s grounder shot from inside the penalty box, controlled it accurately, and shook the net with a fast-paced right-footed shot. With this goal, Jeonbuk succeeded in winning their 9th home game in a row after unraveling the game with ease.

This match was Park Jae-yong’s Jeonbuk and K-League 1 debut match. Park Jae-yong, who left FC Anyang through the summer transfer market and wore a Jeonbuk uniform, left a strong impression in his debut match and held a hot ceremony in front of Jeonju home fans.

Park Jae-yong is a striker resource recruited to fill the vacancy of Cho Kyu-sung, who left for Denmark. Like Cho Kyu-seong, he is 193 cm tall and has advantages in many aspects such as post play, provisional rights, and linkage. There are many similarities with Cho Kyu-sung, including the commonality of being from Anyang youth and his handsome appearance.

Although he has no experience in the first division yet and is talented enough to be selected for the Asian Games national team, he is still close to an unknown player, so a question mark followed. Overcoming concerns, Park Jae-yong proved his potential by scoring the opening goal in a quick time. Hong Jeong-ho, a veteran defender, said, “I didn’t know Jae-yong very well. However, he was surprised to see him train together and play against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He is much better than expected and good. The power is good, the right to provide, and the connection is all. He thinks he has the qualities to become a player on par with Cho Kyu-sung. Both the players and the staff are satisfied with Jaeyong. Jae-yong Park praised Jae-yong Park, saying, “Thanks to Jae-yong, I wonder if foreign players will be stimulated.”

Jeonbuk is worried about the front line due to the departure of Cho Kyu-sung. Since the destructive power of foreign players is low, the vacancy of Cho Kyu-sung can be greatly revealed. Gustavo only scored 2 goals in 21 games, while Jafa Silva is also only 3 goals in 20 games. This is why Hong Jeong-ho talked about the stimulation of foreign players.

It is true that Park Jae-yong is under great pressure. Cho Kyu-seong emerged as a national star through last year’s World Cup in Qatar, and is also active as a leading striker in his national team. Park Jae-yong, who has just entered his second year, cannot help but feel the weight. Park Jae-yong also said, “Of course there is a burden,” and “I see it as my goal. I also want to be like Kyuseong hyung. When he heard that he was coming to Jeonbuk, he contacted me first. Thank you. He told me a lot of good things, saying he would do well. I have a long way to go to catch up with Kyu-Sung hyung. I’d say he’s progressive. He couldn’t even get under his feet.”

I still have to overcome it. Park Jae-yong, who has finished Jeonbuk’s number 10, must complete the mission entrusted to him. Park Jae-yong said, “I still played his first game. I like my teammates, so if I do a little bit better, I think I will be more helpful to the team.”