Lars, who was punished by the federation for ’15 game suspension + fine’, the club also reopens the committee

 While the Korea Professional Football Federation issued a disciplinary punishment to Lars, who was caught drunk driving, Suwon FC will also hold a team steering committee again.

The federation held the 10th Reward 스포츠토토 and Punishment Committee on the 10th and announced that it had decided to suspend Lars for 15 games and fined 4 million won. Since there are 13 regular league games remaining, they cannot step on the K-League ground again this season.

Previously, Lars was investigated for drunk driving on the early morning of the 7th. At that time, the police, who were dispatched after receiving a report of “suspected drunk driving,” caught Lars on a road in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul around 4:00 am. At the time, Lars’ blood alcohol level was measured at 0.08% or more, which is equivalent to license revocation.

For Suwon FC, it is the same news as the blue sky. This season, Suwon FC is in 10th place out of 12 teams with 6 wins, 5 draws and 14 losses. If you cannot get out of the current standings, you will have to play a promotion playoff.

On the 8th, Suwon FC held an emergency team steering committee on the matter. After the committee, Suwon FC said, “An unfortunate incident occurred that was socially criticized despite the club’s steady training for players who sounded an alarm about drunk driving that has not been eradicated in the K-League.” I was aware of it and discussed it for a long time,” he said.

At the same time, “At the time of the recent rebound in the atmosphere of the team in the relegation zone, a foreign player who plays a pivotal role in the team has committed an unforgivable crime, and we have immediately excluded the player from training and playing.” revealed

It is not the first time that a foreign player in the K-League has been involved in drunk driving. In July of last year, Kunimoto (Johor Darul Takjim), who belonged to Jeonbuk Hyundai, and Jonathan (Hyderabad FC) of FC Anyang, both left the team due to contract termination after being caught drunk driving in April this year.

The gaze of Lars is no better. He was embroiled in transfer rumors this summer and could not focus on the team. It was to the extent that coach Kim Do-kyun made a public statement and excluded him from the list.

Lars, a foreign player, can find a new team as a free agent (FA) when his contract is terminated. It is not difficult to find a new job because there is no transfer fee. On the other hand, Suwon FC has a negative image of its player drunk driving. I lost my main gun in the competition for survival, but I can’t recruit new players because the additional registration period is over.

It was also the reason why Suwon FC did not immediately terminate the contract. The club added, “The termination of the contract without any conditions, such as the recent case of other clubs, is not helpful in preventing a recurrence in the future.”

As the club announced, as the federation discipline came out, Suwon FC plans to convene the team steering committee once again.

Choi Soon-ho, general manager of Suwon FC, asked in response, “If we imposed a penalty clause on a foreign player to prepare for such an incident, would that player easily come to our team in the midst of competition with other teams?” This is an issue that needs to be addressed together,” he said.

Lars, who is in his 4th year in the K-League this year, is recording 41 goals and 21 assists in 120 games. He is the team’s most goals and assists this season with nine goals and five assists. In terms of attack points, it ranks second overall in the league.