“Post Kim Tae-kyun” is in front of the home run king…Will “Post Lee Dae-ho” respond to Kang Jung-ho’s call

 It could be seen as a good-willed competitor walking the same path. Han Dong-hee (24) and Roh Si-hwan (23), who are in the same 3rd base 메이저사이트 position and who are 1 year seniors and juniors at Gyeongnam High School, seem to be inheriting the lineage of right-handed Geopo who will be responsible for Korean baseball. 

They were two players who seemed to be riding a similar growth curve. He was compared to the right-handed hitter legend of each team. Han Dong-hee was ‘post Lee Dae-ho’ and Kim Tae-gyun was ‘post Kim Tae-gyun’. But this season, the difference has become clear. Han Dong-hee has been suffering from a severe slump all season.

He said that the modification of the striking mechanism did not go smoothly, and in this process he is wandering. It was Lee Dae-ho’s first season after retiring, but it could not fill Lee Dae-ho’s vacant position. In 77 games, he had a batting average of 2.1 7 (55 hits in 254 at-bats), 4 homers, 28 RBIs, and an OPS of .569. In the last 7 days, he was notified of a second-tier move for the second time this season. 

On the other hand, Noh Si-hwan has grown by leaps and bounds this year. This year, Noh Si-hwan has a batting average of 30.7 li (114 hits in 371 bats), 26 homers, 71 RBIs, and an OPS of .962 in 94 games. On the 9th, he made a 3 home run game against KT, further solidifying his position at the top of the home run king race. The gap with second place Choi Jeong (21) is 5. His first 30 home runs and the home run king are right in front of him. RBI and slugging percentage are also following. 

During the previous three seasons, Han Dong-hee had the upper hand, and the graph of the upper right was clearer. However, this year, Noh Si-hwan succeeded in a significant step-up and is being compared even more. Nevertheless, everyone believes in Han Dong-hee’s potential and talent. It is not unknown about Han Dong-hee, who hit the ball as if splitting it based on his batting speed, which is one of the best in the league. It’s safe to say that he got lost for a while. 

Coach Larry Sutton said to Han Dong-hee, “You should be the best Han Dong-hee, not the post Lee Dae-ho.” I hope he finds a good figure again.” We are cheering for Han Dong-hee’s growth and waiting. The burden of succeeding to a legendary senior had no choice but to weigh down Han Dong-hee. 

The gaze from the outside watching this is also pitiful. Kang Jung-ho, the first shortstop to hit 40 homers in the past KBO league and the current pioneer of Kim Ha-seong (San Diego), reached out to Han Dong-hee with a helping hand. Kang Jung-ho, who currently runs a baseball academy in Los Angeles and is also active as a YouTube creator, recently directed Han Dong-hee on his YouTube channel, saying, “I want to coach this player together when this season is over. In the hopes that this player will do well next season, I personally want Han Dong-hee to come and train and coach me,” he sent a love call.

Although Kang Jung-ho left the Korean baseball world in disgrace due to a drunk driving incident, he is seeking a new path as a leader. In particular, NC Son Ah-seop moved to Los Angeles last winter to seek change with Kang Jung-ho, which led to great success. He trained with an emphasis on producing line drive balls with a launch angle of more than 20 degrees, and succeeded in rebounding from his career-low record last year. This year, Son A-seop revived with a batting average of 3.25 li (119 hits in 366 at-bats), 4 homers, 54 RBIs, and an OPS of .816, showing productivity comparable to that of the peak season.

As in the case of Ah-seop Son, Dong-hee Han also wonders what changes will happen if he receives the guidance of Jeong-ho Kang. Kang Jung-ho sent a love call here. 

Another helper who led Son A-seop’s change along with Kang Jeong-ho was Heo Il, who was active at Lotte. With the help of Hank Conger (current Minnesota Twins coach), whom he had a relationship with as a teacher at Lotte, Heo Il started teaching leadership classes at his alma mater, Huntington Beach High School, and is currently working as a hitting coach at NCAA Azusa Pacific University. 

Han Dong-hee knows that Kang Jung-ho wants to be with him. And her coach Heo Il is also calling on Han Dong-hee to act as her bridgehead. Before she went down to District 2, Han Dong-hee said about Kang Jung-ho’s love call, “I know because people around me talked about it.” He did individual training abroad in the winter anyway, and he’s thinking about (US individual training),” she said.

Han Dong-hee is now at a crossroads. She wondered if the current stagnation period would end with growing pains and she would rise further, or she could not get out of the current wandering. The time has come for her to ignore the military issue. Some say she missed the timing of her military enlistment. At the end of this season, if there is a dramatic rebound from Han Dong-hee, it would be perfect. However, what she needed to be a turning point in her career came to an end.