A special Jeju victory photo…a Jeju forest that grew with the fans

Jeju United put an end to their 10-game winless streak (4 draws, 6 losses) and kept their promise to the fans.

Jeju prepared a special ceremony for 먹튀검증 their 3 home matches in August. It was planned to showcase the ‘Jeju Forest’ ceremony, which contains the will to practice environmental protection and the meaning of preserving the beauty of clean Jeju, in line with the recent release of the eco-friendly regenerated uniform ‘Jeju Forest’ and the players wearing it. In the ‘Jeju Forest’ ceremony, each person expresses the trunk of a tree with both arms and the branch with both hands, and these are gathered to create a dense forest in Jeju.

But things weren’t going well. In the match against Gangwon FC on the 6th (1-1 draw), Hayes scored a penalty kick at the end of the game, but time did not wait for Jeju any longer. The FA Cup semi-final against Pohang Steelers on the 9th was canceled due to Typhoon Kanun, the 6th. 

On the 12th, they scored 3 goals in a head-to-head match against Suwon FC (3-0), but due to the high concentration of the players who had the chance to escape from a 10-game undefeated match, they could not show the ‘Jeju Forest’ ceremony during the game. However, the regret of the moment returned to the echo of greater emotion. 

In the process of taking a victory picture in the N seat after the game, coach Nam Ki-il suggested that all fans and the ‘Jeju Forest’ ceremony be held together, and many Jeju forests grew in the victory picture that day. The players and fans put their hands together to make a tree.

Coach Nam Ki-il said, “I wanted to show the ‘Jeju Forest’ ceremony in the game, but it seems that the players’ desire and concentration to break the undefeated were greater. However, you must keep your promise. He suggested that we take a victory picture while holding a ceremony. It was a more meaningful moment because the fans were able to participate. Thank you very much.”