Seongnam FC U15 ‘ready to win’, advances to Youth Championship quarterfinals after penalty shootout

The Seongnam FC U15 team led by coach Lee Sang-yong advanced to the semifinals of the 2023 GROUND.NK League U15 Championship. 

Seongnam FC U15 met Jeju U15 안전놀이터, Jeonnam U15, and Seoul E U15 in the group stage and won one after another, advancing to the quarterfinals with all wins, signaling a strong start. 

After three preliminary rounds, in the quarterfinals of the tournament on the 16th, they met Bucheon FC U15 and were drawn 0-1. In the 59th minute of the second half, Kwon Hyun-woo scored to draw 1-1. did.

Seongnam FC U15, which is continuing a good flow this season, has achieved good results, including advancing to the semifinals of the championship, runner-up in the Yeongdeok Spring Middle School U14 Youth Cup, and finishing the first half of the year with 9 wins, 1 draw and 1st place in the K-League Junior 2023 National Secondary Soccer League. Midfielder Han Seung-hee is facing results such as being selected for the national team by age.

Seongnam FC said, “Many coaches, including coach Lee Sang-yong, are working hard to train players in a better environment. In addition, I am proud that the club’s philosophy and teaching to grow into a good player in the long run has led to good results. I hope that the rest of the game will be completed well without injury, and Seongnam FC will shine.”

Seongnam FC spares no support so that youth players can train and play in a safe and good environment, such as holding K-League Junior matches on the natural grass of the Seongnam FC Clubhouse in the 2023 season. 

Meanwhile, with Kim Ji-soo’s advance into the Premier League, Seongnam FC youth players such as Park Tae-joon and Lee Jun-sang debuted and played an active role.