Free-kicker controversy ‘didn’t have a happy ending’…’Kim Shin-jin’s faded goal’ Seoul draws 2-2 with Daegu

Both teams had to be satisfied with one point.

FC Seoul ended in a draw with Daegu FC. After a fierce battle on the grass damaged in the aftermath of the Jamboree concert, victory was on 바카라사이트 the verge of victory, but they allowed a bitter run without enduring it. It even happened that players from the same team had a scuffle over the free kicker. Fortunately, the free kick led to a goal and ended in an incident, but the happy ending was not reached as the goal was not kept.

Seoul, led by coach Ahn Ik-soo, drew 2-2 with Daegu in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 round 27 home game held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 19th. After winning a record 7-2 victory over Suwon FC at the same place on the 12th of last month, they fell into a swamp without a win for the fifth game. The victory points were 40 (10 wins, 9 draws, 8 losses), and they had to be satisfied with raising the ranking from 5th to 4th. In the head-to-head match against Daegu this season, they had a tight confrontation with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. 

The free kicker conflict, which could have led to controversy, fortunately ended with a happening. With the decisive scoring chance, Palosevich and Han Seung-gyu stole the ball from each other and created a conflict. The uproar was quickly settled when Palošević conceded a free kick. Coincidentally, the free kick was kicked by Kim Shin-jin, not Han Seung-gyu, and shook the net. Palošević was more than happy to congratulate Kim Shin-jin on his goal. However, it left an unpleasant aftertaste as it failed to protect the lead it had with this goal.

On the other hand, Daegu, which was on the away road, revived by scoring a goal after the painful free kick conceded. The record of consecutive games without a win has increased to six games (4 draws and 2 losses), but they managed to survive from the mire of defeat and gained 1 victory point. With 35 points (8 wins, 11 draws and 8 losses), they maintained 8th place. On the 27th, Seoul will challenge the rebound by inviting Ulsan Hyundai, the leader, and Daegu, Jeju United, side by side the day before. 

Seoul launched a 4-1-4-1 formation with Kim Shin-jin at the head, Willian, Han Seung-gyu, Palosevich, and Na Sang-ho in the second line. Osmar played the role of defensive midfielder, and Lee Tae-seok, Kim Joo-seong, Lee Han-beom and Park Soo-il stood on the defensive line. The goalkeeper is Baek Jong-beom. In particular, Ji Dong-won and Baek Sang-hoon sat on the bench and drew attention.

Daegu faced this in a 3-4-1-2 formation with Lee Keun-ho and Ko Jae-hyun as the top two and Sejing-ya as an attacking midfielder. Hong Cheol, Park Se-jin, Lee Jin-yong, and Hwang Jae-won formed the midfield line, and Cho Jin-woo, Hong Jeong-woon, and Kim Jin-hyuk stood on the defensive line. The goal was guarded by Oh Seung-hoon.

From the beginning of the game, Seoul took the initiative and played the game. He also scored the opening goal in the 8th minute of the first half. Han Seung-gyu, who started as a starter for the first time this season, bore fruit. When the defense kicked a cross from the left side with a header, it was connected with a right-footed shot from the front of the arc. The shot hit the post, hit goalkeeper Oh Seung-hoon’s foot, and was sucked back into the net. It remained as an own goal in the official record of the Professional Football Federation.

Daegu, which was hit by a blow, immediately launched a counterattack. They had an equalizer in the 5th minute. A free kick opportunity came from the left side of the arc. Cesingya’s kick as a kicker, however, hit the defensive wall and deflected off to the side of the goal. Daegu could not save the corner kick opportunity that followed.

Seoul, which overcame the crisis, had another chance to score an additional goal. In the counterattack situation in the 15th minute of the first half, Na Sang-ho dug into the space behind the opponent with explosive speed. After breaking through the dribble alone, he even attempted a direct shot. The shot, however, went off the target. Na Sang-ho also lay down on the ground for a while and swallowed his regret. Then, another opportunity came to Na Sang-ho in a similar situation. Again, Na Sang-ho chose a bold mid-range shooting from a long distance. Again, the shot missed the goal.

This time, an opportunity came to Daegu. He scored an equalizer in the 24th minute of the first half. Cho Jin-woo, who received a free kick from Sejingya, crosses in front of the goal from the right side of the penalty box. In the midst of a hassle before the gate, Lee Keun-ho was hit in the head, leading to Daegu’s equalizer. However, the referee immediately denied the goal. I went through the video reading room and the on-field review. The issue was whether Lee Keun-ho pushed goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom at the moment of the header. After a lengthy review, the referee saw that Lee Han-beom pushed Lee Geun-ho first and that it was an inevitable move. The Seoul players expressed dissatisfaction with the decision right after Daegu scored, but the decision was not overturned. 

The battle between the two teams continued to break the balance again. In the 35th minute of the first half, Hong Jeong-woon’s header from a corner kick went off the net. And an opportunity came to Seoul. It was near the left corner of the penalty box in the 41st minute of the first half. 

A position where both direct shooting and crosses were possible. As the kicker, Palosevic, Han Seung-gyu, and Kim Shin-jin were all prepared. A problem occurred in the communication process. An uproar broke out as Han Seung-gyu snatched the ball from Palosevich. Palosevich also tried to snatch the ball from Han Seung-gyu again. Gossip between the players went back and forth, and eventually Palosevic gave way and headed to the gate. 

A great free kick opportunity in a messy atmosphere. Han Seung-gyu, however, only took the shooting motion and handed it over to Kim Shin-jin. Kim Shin-jin’s right-footed free kick went low and was sucked into the Daegu goal. Palosevich immediately ran to Kim Shin-jin and sent a strong congratulations. The controversy that occurred inside the Seoul players over the kicker ended with a happy ending as well as a happening.

When the lead was taken away, the Daegu bench got busy. Coach Won-Kwon Choi threw in Beltola, who had previously been predicted to play in the 30-35 minutes, in the 42nd minute of the first half, and put Edgar in at the start of the second half to put weight on the front. Jinyong Lee and Keunho Lee respectively finished the game first.

In the second half, the battle between the two teams became more intense. However, both teams failed to lead to a decisive attack opportunity. Even midway through the second half, Seoul continued to lead 2-1. In this process, Lee Si-young and Kim Jin-ya were put in for Seoul, and Kim Gang-san and Keita were put in for Daegu. In the Daegu attack that followed the cooling break, Ko Jae-hyun even connected a right-footed shot from the door. The shot, however, missed the goal.

Afterwards, the game unfolded in a way that Seoul played the game stably and Daegu continued the offensive for the equalizer. Even after blocking the ball in the opposing camp, Seoul played the game carefully rather than quickly launching an attack. In the 28th minute of the second half, Park Soo-il’s surprise left-footed mid-range shot from the front of the arc went straight to the goalkeeper. Daegu also swallowed regret as Edgar’s header fell into the goalkeeper’s arms.

As the match progressed towards the end, Daegu’s attack for the equalizer intensified. The attack using Edgar in the forefront continued. And in the 36th minute of the second half, it finally came to fruition. A cross from the left flank led to Edgar’s header. The defender who blocked Edgar was Lee Si-young, who was only 1m72 cm tall, so the difference between physical fight and height was huge.

In the 40th minute of the second half, manager Ahn Ik-soo made a change by introducing Ji Dong-won and Bjorn Johnson. Ji Dong-won returned to the K-League after 1 year and 5 months since March last year. As coach Ahn Ik-soo wished before the game, he moved actively and stood at the center of the attack. However, even with the massive attack card input, he could not bring it to fruition. Daegu also aimed for a dramatic turnaround goal, but it did not come to fruition in the end. In the end, the match between the two teams ended in a 2-2 draw. It was a disappointing result for both teams.