Spanish Association president’s ‘Kiss Scandal’ broke through…Spain’s Minister of Equality lashed out at “Kiss Without Consent

The FIFA 2023 Australia-New Zealand 카지노사이트 Women’s World Cup championship scene, the Spanish Football Federation head Luis Rubiales, who caused controversy with excessive skinship, was embroiled in controversy over sexual violence along with strong criticism in his own country.

If they lose to Korea in the group stage of the 2015 Canadian Tournament, they will be eliminated in the round of 16, and Spain, whose 2019 round of 16 was the best ever, defeated England, the ‘Women’s Euro 2022 Champion’, 1-0 in the final on the 20th, and made history for the first time in history. wrote. Until just before the tournament, head coach Jorge Vilda and the national players suffered internal conflict due to extreme discord. 15 representative players sent real-name emails to the Spanish Football Association to demand the dismissal of the manager, and the president of the Rubiales Association raised the coach’s hand on the principle that ‘players do not have the choice of manager’, and eventually 12 of the 15 representative players were on the World Cup stage. could not accompany However, a great turnaround occurred in Spain, who lost 4-0 to Japan in the group stage. The aces, led by Barcelona, ​​the winner of the European Champions League, became stronger and stronger in the quarterfinals against the Netherlands and the semifinals against Sweden, pushing out even the mighty champion, England.

However, at the championship ceremony, it was another four months. During the awards ceremony, which was broadcast live, Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Association, handed winning medals to the Spanish players on the podium, giving excessive expressions of affection such as kissing the cheeks and hugging. In particular, while hugging Hermoso, he grabbed her hair and kissed her on the lips, causing criticism from football fans around the world through social media. Even after Spain’s reversal victory, some players and coaching staff do not seem to mix, and even the appearance of discord is still visible, and controversy is growing even within Spain.

On the 21st (Korean time), Spain’s Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, defined Rubiales’ act as “sexual violence” after he unilaterally kissed Hermoso without seeking consent. “Let’s not take for granted that kissing without consent is ‘normal’. This is a sexual assault that women go through on a daily basis, and it’s something we haven’t seen before, but we should never accept it as normal,” he said. “This is a task for our entire society. There must be consent at the center of this kind of action. Only when you say ‘yes’, you say ‘yes’,” he criticized President Rubiales’ actions.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Spanish TV l La1, Hermoso expressed his feelings about President Rubiales’ sudden behavior, saying, “Eh… yeah, I did not enjoy that.” However, on Sunday evening, in my statement to the Spanish press to settle the situation, I blocked the controversy over sexual harassment and violence, saying, “It was a completely voluntary reciprocal gesture amidst the great joy of winning the World Cup.” “The chairman and I have a good relationship and he has exhibited behavior that sets an example for us all, which was a natural expression of affection and appreciation,” he explained. “There is no need to overanalyze the gesture of friendship and gratitude. We won the World Cup and we will not deviate from this important fact.”