Bucheon City Corporation, blind to ‘landlord shenanigans’…damage is solely the responsibility of clubs and fans

Can you imagine a soccer field without ‘food’? The unimaginable happened last weekend at Bucheon Sports Complex. It was a skit that occurred due to the unilateral request of the ‘landlord’ Bucheon Urban Corporation 카지노사이트.

Bucheon FC 1995 won 1-0 in the Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023 Round 28 home game against Seoul E-Land FC at 8 pm on the 26th. Bucheon was scheduled to hold the ‘BFC Lalala Night Market’ with the concept of a night market to soothe the heat on a summer night. It was a plan to provide a different food service to fans.

Bucheon decided to sell Bucheon makgeolli from the official sponsor, ‘Dongnebangne ​​Sosa-dong Brewery’, and another official sponsor, ‘Spacejak’, to operate a night market food truck zone and sell foods such as seafood chives, stir-fried pork, and tofu kimchi.” said. During this process, we communicated with Bucheon City Corporation and completed prior consultations. However, the ‘BFC Lalala Night Market’, which had been promoted since a month ago, was eventually canceled due to the unreasonable demands of the Bucheon City Corporation.

Bucheon City Corporation initially accepted the opening of the night market in Bucheon on the condition that it did not announce the recommendation to drink alcohol even if it sold makgeolli. However, on the 25th, the day before the game, the Bucheon team suddenly contacted them and suddenly changed their words, saying, “Cancel the operation of the night market and food truck zone, including the sale of makgeolli.”

because of complaints. “Is the playground a bar, the Bucheon club is trying to make money for sponsors, and Spacejak seems to have preferential treatment for running a food truck every game. I will ask for appreciation,” was the starting point. A local map reported the fact and used provocative words such as “gives preferential treatment” and “has a drinking party” and pushed Bucheon.

Bucheon has become an ‘immoral’ club that illegally gives preferential treatment to certain companies and engages in drinking in the stadium. However, all of them are claims stemming from ‘ignorance’, a lack of understanding of the field.

Spacejak is a company that has consistently maintained a sponsorship relationship with the Bucheon club. Starting this year, a food truck zone is also operated. It is not that Bucheon gave ‘preferential treatment’, but it can be said that it is a right that Spacejak obtained through a legitimate contract. From Bucheon’s point of view, it is also a ‘grateful partner’ who helped to stably operate the food truck zone, which was highly volatile every economy. Official procedures for food truck operation, such as business reporting, had also been completed, so there was no problem.

It is also an idea that goes against the times to describe the sale of alcohol in a soccer field as “a drinking party in a stadium”. The sale of alcoholic beverages, including beer, is allowed inside the stadium. Enjoying a game with a glass of beer is a familiar scene not only for the K-League, but also for fans of professional sports such as baseball. In this day and age, it is questionable how many people will see this as ‘having a drinking party’.

Of course, selling alcohol in food trucks can be problematic. So, the Bucheon team also decided to accept the request of the correction to sell makgeolli at outdoor canteens. However, when the complaint was published in the article, Bucheon City Corporation raised its voice and demanded a ‘total cancellation’. In the process, he even made a request that was difficult to accept, saying, ‘Change all to existing menus that are not snacks.’ Changing all the menus a day in advance when the ingredients were already prepared was a request that was practically impossible to realize.

In the end, Bucheon was unable to operate the food truck zone, including the night market, during the home game on the 26th. The sponsor, Spacejak, suffered a huge loss as the ingredients they prepared were useless, and the Bucheon team, which painstakingly prepared the event a month ago, wasted energy and time. Bucheon fans also had to suffer from inconvenience because there was no space to enjoy food on the day of the match.

The soccer field is no longer just a place to enjoy soccer. In addition to Bucheon, each K-League club is providing a variety of food, including alcoholic beverages, on the day of the game to increase the influx of fans. Just as FC Seoul’s food truck emerged as a ‘good restaurant’ among K-League fans through word of mouth, food functions as ‘another motive’ for fans to visit the soccer field. Now, food has become one of the fan services that clubs must provide, but Bucheon has been unable to provide even basic fan service due to their will.

Of course, it is a well-known fact that public institutions are sensitive to civil complaints. However, it is regrettable that the government repeatedly made unreasonable demands unilaterally, without going through the process of figuring out whether the complaint was legitimate and the extent of the damage. The damage caused by that went back to the club, sponsors, and fans.

A more serious problem is the fact that you don’t know when you will become a victim of this ‘gap-jil’ again. Since the ‘owner’ of Bucheon Sports Complex is Bucheon City Corporation, the club has no choice but to comply even if they make unreasonable demands. Even at the concert held at Bucheon Sports Complex from the 9th to the 10th of next month, the ‘grass zone’ is openly being sold. Bucheon City Corporation did not even try to notify in advance so that the Bucheon club could make appropriate preparations in this process.

Even if you are a ‘landlord’, shouldn’t you have a certain level of morality to be considerate of your tenants? Unfortunately, there is no device to protect ‘tenants’ on the soccer board. When you meet a landlord with no morals, you have to endure the pain alone. Just like Bucheon, who was in pain with no place to complain even if the event he had been preparing for over a month collapsed overnight.