“Kim Ha-Sung is No. 1…but he’s playing like a second baseman” An unexpected contender emerges

Will the San Diego Padres’ ‘Awesome 카지노사이트 Kim’ Kim Ha-seong (28) be able to win the National League’s second baseman Gold Glove award this year? Ha-seong Kim played a full-time season as a shortstop last year and boasted excellent defensive skills to the point where he was one of the three finalists for the National League Gold Glove Award for shortstop. This year, San Diego changed his position to second base when they hired Xander Bogaerts, and he is also considered a strong Gold Glove candidate.

As of the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time), Ha-seong Kim is ranked 5th among all fielders with a win contribution rate (WAR) of 6.1 compared to replacement players based on Baseball Reference, and 7th among all fielders with a defensive WAR of 2.1. He is by far the best second baseman in the National League.

In particular, DRS, a representative indicator of defensive ability, is 11, which is also the highest among National League second basemen. DRS is an indicator that shows how many runs were prevented by defense.

However, it is too early to be 100% optimistic about Kim Ha-seong’s winning the award. A rookie player who debuted this year is emerging as a competitor to Ha-sung Kim. On this day, the official Major League Baseball website (MLB.com) evaluated Milwaukee Brewers’ second baseman Bryce Touran (24) as “played as a Gold Glove-level second baseman.”

Touran was selected in the first round (21st overall) by Milwaukee in the 2018 rookie draft and achieved his dream of making his Major League debut this year. In batting, he has a batting average of .217, an on-base percentage of .286, a slugging percentage of .312, an OPS of .598, 6 home runs, and 29 RBIs, but he boasts a stable defense, recording only 4 errors while playing 742⅔ innings as a second baseman this year. Originally a shortstop, he has successfully settled into second base.

‘MLB.com’ said, “Tourant performed as a Gold Glove-level second baseman this year. Touran’s DRS is 9, ranking second among Milwaukee second basemen of all time, following Craig Counsell’s DRS of 10 in 2009, and the regular season is still over for him. “There’s still a month left,” he said, referring to Touraine’s outstanding defensive skills revealed by DRS.

However, Touraine is unable to reach first place in the league due to the presence of Ha-seong Kim. ‘MLB.com’ brought up Kim Ha-seong’s name, saying, “Only San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong is showing better numbers this season.”

However, Touraine’s UZR, another indicator of defense, is 3.7, ranking first among National League second basemen, so we cannot help but pay attention. After Touraine, Bryson Stutt of the Philadelphia Phillies is at 3.4, and Ha-Sung Kim is next at 2.5.

Milwaukee coach Counsell praises Touraine’s performance as a second baseman like he did during his career, saying, “He prevents runs and does not provide big innings to the opponent. He is a very special player.”

Will a rookie player who just debuted this year be an obstacle to Kim Ha-seong’s winning the award? Ha-seong Kim is showing stable defensive ability this year by playing 728⅔ innings in 91 games as a second baseman, 217⅓ innings in 27 games as a third baseman, and 127⅓ innings in 16 games as a shortstop. Even if Ha-Seong Kim does not win the Gold Glove Award in the second baseman category, he is worth a shot at winning the Gold Glove Award in the utility category, which was newly established last year. Will Ha-Seong Kim be able to receive the honor of winning the Gold Glove this year?