ML ‘Korean Hero’ Duo Birth Prediction: ‘Lee Jung-hoo & Kim Ha-seong’ Local Prediction… Kang Jung-ho also weighed in

Will the ‘Korean Hero’ duo be born.

Although he was out for the season due to an injury, local interest in Lee Jung-hoo (Kium Heroes) is still hot.

Will Lee Jung-hoo be in sync with Kim Ha-sung (San Diego Padres), a baseball senior most followed by Lee Jung-hoo.

Traderums (MLTR), which reports Major League Baseball news, predicted the possibility of recruiting San Diego’s Lee Jung-hoo, saying, “He was out of the season due to ankle surgery, but Lee Jung-hoo will challenge to post in the Major League this winter as scheduled.”

This is why attention is focused on the birth of the “Korean Hero” duo. The two are close seniors and juniors who played together for the Heroes from 2017 to 2020. Kim Ha-sung has become one of the best infielders in the Major League this year. If a team can take care of Lee Jung-hoo’s challenge on the U.S. stage, it can be a step toward further enhancing his chances of success.

Will I ever see this high five again. Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Ha-sung cheering together during the Heroes.
San Diego, like LA, is considered a place with good weather in the United States. It is also a suitable time for domestic baseball fans to watch TV broadcasts.바카라사이트

However, the key is that Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto are in charge of both wings, so they must play as center field, and there are many superstars who have signed long-term contracts such as Darvish Yu, Manny Machado, and Xander Bogartz.

If San Diego fails to offer enough money to Lee Jung-hoo, it is clear that the reunion with Kim Ha-sung, weather, and time zone are also attractive cards that San Diego can offer.

Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Ha-sung cheering together during the Heroes. Sports Chosun DB
Earlier, sports media The Athletic also expressed strong interest in the possibility of reuniting with Lee Jung-hoo. San Diego is said to be a strong candidate for Lee Jung-hoo’s destination. In an interview with the San Diego Tribune in July, Kim Ha-sung said, “I want to play on the same team as Lee Jung-hoo again. “He is a great player who has the conditions to succeed in the Major League,” he said. “I will help him focus only on baseball.” “It would be great if we could play together,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kang Jung-ho is another ‘hero’ who took the major league stage before Kim Ha-sung. Citing Bae Ji-hwan (Pittsburgh Pirates) on his YouTube channel, he advised, “In order for Lee Jung-hoo to succeed in the Major League, he must study English hard rather than through an interpreter to get close to the players quickly and adapt to the culture.”