Supercom “recognizes postecoglue”→Tottenham finally enters ‘Big 4’…Man Utd→Chelsea ‘plummet’

Tottenham have finally entered the ‘Big Four’. Britain’s “The Sun” unveiled the expected rankings of the English Premier League for the 2023-2024 season of soccer statistics media “Opta” Supercomputer on the 14th (Korea time).

Manchester United and Newcastle United, which have only one win, are expected to miss the “Big Four.” Manchester United finished third and Newcastle fourth last season.소닉카지노

Instead, Liverpool and Tottenham took the place. Supercomputers have lined up the Big Four in the order of Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham.

As of the fourth round of this season, Manchester City is ranked first with all four wins, while Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham are three wins and one draw side by side. Tottenham is in second place ahead of goal difference.

Tottenham, led by head coach Enze Postecoglou, has transformed into a completely different team. Strong pressure is basic, and he is constantly pushing his opponent with an aggressive system, leaving a deep impression.

Supercomputers also acknowledged Tottenham’s potential. Tottenham was ranked seventh in the latest outlook.

United are expected to finish fifth, followed by Brighton, Newcastle, West Ham, Aston Villa and Brentford.

Chelsea, led by Mauricio Pochettino, does not seem to be easy to recover its honor this season. Chelsea finished 12th last season despite astronomical investments. The expected ranking for this season is also 11th, outside the top 10.

Supercomputers categorized Luton Town, Sheffield United and Everton as relegation teams. The A match period has come to an end. EPL resumes this weekend.