Headshot → Finger injury → Headshot → Dinosaurs The 27-year-old Futures batting king’s .300 challenge ‘Still’

NC infielder Seo Ho-cheol, 27, won the Futures League South batting title with a .388 batting average in the 2021 season with the Commerce. He was drafted with the 87th pick in the second round of the 2019 draft out of Dongwon University, but he was recognized for his hitting ability and proved it to some extent.

This season, Seo will attempt to reach triple digits for the first time in his career. In June, he was in such good form that teammate and senior Son Ah-seop (35) was able to challenge him for the batting title, but his average plummeted in the sweltering heat of July and August. Since this is his first time playing full-time, he may not have the know-how to manage his average.

Still, in 101 games through the 24th against the Changwon Doosan, Seo was batting .293 with 104 hits in 355 at-bats, three home runs, 38 RBIs, 43 runs scored, a .720 OPS, and a .301 slugging percentage. That’s pretty good considering he’s playing over 100 games for the first time in his career and is actually a starting center fielder for the first time.토토사이트

Furthermore, Seo hasn’t had much luck this season. On April 15, he was hit in the head by Seo Jin-yong against Incheon SSG, and on April 24, he was hit in the head by Kim Kang-ryul against Doosan. That’s not all. In mid-August, he missed two weeks with a finger injury.

After hitting 0.348 in June, his batting average dropped to 0.233 and 0.229 in July and August before rebounding to 0.278 in September. During this time, he fractured his nose in the aftermath of the headshot. He didn’t need surgery, and he wasn’t removed from the first team on the 25th, which was a non-game day, so there’s a chance he’ll be back on the field against the Changwon KIA on the 26th. However, if he doesn’t overdo it, he could be out for a while.

Importantly, Seo didn’t change his batting style after the first headshot. He batted from the batter”s box, close to home plate, with the intention of hitting the ball harder to the body and harder and more accurately to the outside. Taking a headshot can be intimidating, but after his first headshot, Seo went on a tear in June, even competing for the batting title.

We don’t know if Seo will be able to hit his first triple this season. What’s clear is that he has his own batting stance and theory. There are a lot of advantages to hitting outside of home plate. For pitchers, it’s all about body mechanics, and given Seo’s aggressiveness, that’s a lot to ask.

It’s unclear if Seo will be able to hit two head shots and still stay out at home plate. With Kim Joo-won traveling to the Hangzhou Asian Games, Seo’s weight in the infield between third and second base has increased. Of course, managing his physical condition is the top priority. Even if he doesn’t need surgery, he needs to stabilize.