It was almost an iron wall… Kim Min-jae, the lowest score among the defense again, ‘It’s too much to be lower than Alfonso.’

German publication Kicker released its ratings for Bayern Munich’s match against Bochum on Sept. 26 (ET). The kicker gave Kim Min-jae a 2.5 rating, while Mazrawi, De Ligt, and Alfonso Davies were given a 2, the lowest rating of the defense. (The lower the rating for the kicker, the better. 1: best, 5: worst)

Munich’s offense exploded for a 7-0 victory over Bochum in the fifth round of the Bundesliga on Sept. 23 at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. With the win, the Bavarians moved into first place.

For the match, Munich started Kim Min-jae and De Ligt at center back. Kim played the full 90 minutes and had a 94% pass success rate, 100% long pass success rate, 2 interceptions, 7 header clears, and 4 recoveries.메이저사이트

He was also nearly flawless in defense, winning 88% of his aerial balls.

De Ligt, who only played 45 minutes due to a suspected injury, had a 90% passing success rate, 33% long pass success rate, 4 interceptions, 4 header clears, 3 recoveries, and 1 goal. He especially appealed to Tuchel with his determination, which was different from Upamecano’s.

Meanwhile, Alfonso, who has a better rating than Kim Min-jae, didn’t do as well. In 65 minutes, he completed 82% of his passes, 78% of his dribbles, and had two interceptions. He made eight recoveries, which is good, but he didn’t make a huge impact.

Footmob and CouchScore, both of which specialize in soccer ratings, also rated him in the low 7s and Alfonso Davies in the mid 7s, but it doesn’t make sense to rate him lower than Alfonso in the highly regarded “kicker” position in German soccer.

This isn’t the first time Kim has been rated harshly. Even against Manchester United and Leverkusen, where he was consistently good and led the team to victory, he was consistently given the lowest score for kicker.