The meaning of ‘7266’ spectators to Seoul E-Land FC

Seoul Eland FC breaks the club’s all-time attendance record.

Seoul Eland FC announced that it broke the club’s all-time attendance record at its home game against Ansan Greeners in the 33rd round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 at Mokdong Stadium.

The club has seen impressive attendance growth this season. On this day, 7,266 fans visited Mokdong Stadium. This is the largest crowd in the club’s history.

The club had already set a new record with 6471 fans in the 25th round (vs Gyeongnam) with the visit of English Jamboree scouts, but 7266 fans came to Mokdong Stadium for the last round’s ‘Yangcheon Home Game with Yangcheon Residents’, making the club’s history in just one month.

The reason for the huge crowd at Mokdong Stadium is the result of Seoul Eland’s various initiatives.

After the club’s previous record attendance against Gyeongnam, the team was unable to reschedule after the jamboree due to an early departure, so they reached out to a British scout and invited him to Mokdong Stadium to watch the K League and help him digest the rest of his schedule in Korea.메이저사이트

The team also signed an MOU with the Yangcheon Education Support Agency in Gangseo, Seoul, with the aim of further strengthening local ties and social contribution activities, and is continuously striving to improve the health of local students and expand the popularity of soccer in the region.

In the last round, the team prepared a home game event with Yangcheon-gu Office, offering a 50% discount on tickets to fans living in Yangcheon-gu, and promoting the home game through bulletin boards at local community centers and the Yangcheon-gu Office’s website, conveying the joy of watching the game and cheering on the field to the residents of Yangcheon-gu.

In addition, on the day of the match, Yangcheon Mayor Lee Ji-jae and Yangcheon mascot Hae-woo visited Mokdong Stadium to cheer on the team and provided various on-site events, such as Yangcheon Dreamers children acting as escort kids. As a result of their efforts, all E seats were sold out, setting a new record for the largest crowd ever at Seoul Eland.

As a result of these activities, the team is currently ranked No. 1 in the K League 2 with a total attendance of 55,198 (average of 3450), and the average attendance of 3450 is the highest since 2019 (3112).

A representative from Seoul Eland said, “We are feeling the growing interest of our fans as we play hard. Seeing Mokdong Stadium filled with cheers, we will make more efforts to attract more visitors to Mokdong Stadium to watch the K League.” “I think this is the beginning,” said a representative from Seoul Eland. As we have set a goal to become the most fan-friendly club in the K League, we will work harder to become the best club.”