Yeom Ki-hoon, “Playing coach” in charge of Suwon, who is on the verge of relegation, said, “I will do my best to die for my supporters.”

Yeom Ki-hoon takes charge of crisis-ridden Suwon Samsung. Now that he is no longer a player but an acting manager, Yeom Ki-hoon has finally opened his mouth.

Suwon officially announced the dismissal of Kim Byung-soo through the media on the 26th, saying, “The club decided that special measures were inevitable to resolve the desperate crisis and rekindle the spark of hope.”

Surprisingly, it was Yeom Ki-hoon who Suwon chose to take extraordinary measures to resolve the desperate crisis, rekindle hope, and prevent relegation. He’s a legend at Suwon. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s the most revered legend in the Suwon organization since its inception in 1996. The former Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai player has been with Suwon since 2010, except for his military service.

He played 333 games for Suwon, scoring 49 goals and 87 assists. He was born in 1983 and is still active at the age of 40. He announced his retirement at the end of last season, but the club asked him to change his mind and he will be working as a playing coach this season. This season, he played in both the K League 1 and the FA Cup. Recently, he hasn’t been on the roster at all and has been working with the coaching staff. He was preparing for his retirement by taking a class P license.

Suddenly, he was given an acting role. It was the return of Real Blue. Real Blue refers to Suwon’s policy of hiring coaches from the club. Suwon appointed one coach after another who knew Suwon better than anyone else. Starting with Seo Won-jeong, Lee Im-sang, Park Gun-ha, and Lee Byung-geun were chosen. After Lee Byung-geun, the team chose Kim Byung-soo instead of Real Blue. They decided to make a change after a string of poor results.무지개토토

Even if you’re only in charge for seven games, you don’t lead the team alone. You have to have coaches to help you with tactics and training sessions. You have to look at the whole picture with the coaches, make a plan, select players, make in-game changes, and give detailed tactical instructions. This is very difficult for acting coach Yi Ki-hoon, who was a player until recently. It’s a ridiculous gamble, but Suwon made the choice. It is understood that he anticipated that there would be backlash and criticism. They put themselves out there in the open.

The same goes for Yeom Ki-hoon. He chose to drink the poisoned chalice in order to lead the remnants. On the 28th, Yeom Ki-hoon, who hasn’t given any interviews other than press releases, revealed his feelings on his personal SNS. “I’m really sorry to say goodbye at such a difficult time. All of you have been supporting us this season despite our poor performance, and I’m really sorry,” he said.

“In the 14 years that I’ve been with Suwon, I’ve experienced countless moments of choice, and in all of them, I think I’ve made decisions that were bigger than my own personal greed and bigger than the team, and I’ve never regretted those choices. I’ve worked hard to make sure that I don’t have any regrets,” he continued.

He talked about his acting role. “It’s the same with my acting position this time. It took more courage than ever before, but it’s still my choice. I know there are some things you can’t do with your heart, but I’m going to try and do it as hard as I’ve been doing so that I don’t regret the outcome,” he said.

“I understand the concerns of many people. From worrying about my inexperience, to worrying about the love you have for me, to worrying about the future of this team, which is not a perfect solution. But I don’t think the supporters, the players, the coaching staff, the club, I don’t think there’s any difference in the size of those worries and the size of the love for Suwon. When those hearts come together, I think we’re stronger than any other team. Even in those moments of worry and anger, our players are sweating and preparing every day. We are trying to do whatever it takes to make it to the end with the hearts of many people in our hearts,” he said.

“The players and coaching staff, who will not allow my team to be relegated more than anyone else, are thinking and working hard day and night, watching the supporters who have loved this team for a longer period of time than the players, I did not want to avoid this situation and run away from it for my personal career or because I was afraid of taking responsibility. I believe that not only I, but any player or leader who loves Suwon would have done the same,” he said, referring to his reasons for accepting the acting position.

Finally, Yi Ki-hoon concluded, “I don’t mind that Suwon was able to miraculously survive from the brink every year, but it is an undeniable and unchanging fact that it was thanks to the supporters who ran and cheered as loudly as the players throughout the game. For the sake of our team, which is not over yet, as you always do in any situation, I am very sorry, but I would like to ask our players who are on the field until the end of the end to show their support and support for the members of the team called Suwon. I will try my best to die harder and harder in the remaining time so that the players who are trying to protect the team and those who love this team can make a choice without regret,” he said, urging Suwon supporters to support.