Pohang trying to catch up, Ulsan trying to outrun… East Coast derby shakes up the championship race

This is an east coast derby that could have a big impact on the competition to win the K League 1 this season.

Pohang Steelers and Ulsan Hyundai will face off in the 32nd round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ held at Pohang Steel Yard at 2 pm on the 30th. Currently, Ulsan is in first place in the league with 65 points, and Pohang is in second place in the league with 57 points.

The East Coast derby is taking place at a more important time than ever. The two teams are competing for the championship until the end of the season with an 8-point difference. In the previous game, Ulsan won against Suwon FC, while Pohang drew with Daegu FC, slightly widening the point gap. Therefore, no team is thinking about a draw in this game. Pohang plans to narrow the point gap with Ulsan, and Ulsan plans to catch up with Pohang.토토사이트

The atmosphere is better in Pohang. After losing in the last match against Ulsan, Pohang has not lost in the last 9 games with 5 wins and 4 draws. At the same time, Ulsan had mixed results, losing to Incheon United, Suwon Samsung, Gangwon FC, and Gwangju FC. As the point gap between the two teams narrowed, the importance of this East Coast derby increased.

If Pohang wins, the point gap between the two teams will be narrowed to 5 points. Excluding this game, there are a total of 6 games remaining, so if Pohang enters the final round with a narrow point gap with Ulsan, they can face the remaining schedule with the hope of a comeback win. This is why today’s game is important for Pohang.

This game is important for Ulsan as well. Ulsan achieved a tough win against Suwon FC in the last round, and Pohang drew with Daegu and succeeded in widening the gap with Pohang. If they keep up the momentum and win the East Coast derby, the point gap with Pohang will widen to 11 points. Although there is still some schedule left, Ulsan will be able to complete the remaining schedule with a little closer to winning.

Both teams have some power leaks. This is because the players selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games were players who played important roles in the team. Pohang’s key offensive resource, Ko Young-jun, was selected for the Asian Games, and Ulsan’s Seol Young-woo and Eom Won-sang left for Hangzhou. The absence of these players has been filled by other players and the resourcefulness of the two coaches, and the same will be done in the east coast derby.

In the two previous matches held, Ulsan achieved 1 win and 1 draw. Joo Min-gyu, who succeeded in scoring in both games, is aiming for his third consecutive goal in the East Coast derby in this game.