“30 goals → 1 goal, why did this happen?” moaning Manchester United sign, Tenhach and crack…The undisputed main player is “Old Words”

Marcus Rashford scored 30 goals for Manchester United last season, establishing himself as a savior for manager Eric van Gaal. Rashford was a big part of Van Gaal’s turnaround, winning the League Cup, finishing runner-up in the FA Cup, and finishing third in the English Premier League (EPL).

He also seamlessly filled the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo’s mid-season departure, but the new season has seen Rashford groan. “Rashford is in danger of being dropped from United’s best 11 due to his poor form,” The Sun reported on July 7.토토사이트

There’s a reason. Rashford has just one goal this season. The Red Devils are off to a terrible start, losing five of their last seven games. They’re in 10th place in the EPL (9-3 L4G) and have lost two games in the Champions League.

United will host Brentford in the eighth round of the 2023-2024 EPL at 11 p.m. today at Old Trafford in Manchester. According to The Sun, Van Gaal is considering Alejandro Garnacho or Anthony Martial in place of Rashford.

Of course, Van Gaal hasn’t lost faith in Rashford: “It can’t always be the same. Everyone knows his qualities. We’ve seen him in a good position,” he said, adding, “He’s struggling, but it will pass. Everyone at United supports him and believes in him. I’m sure he’ll get out of his slump too.”

“When a striker is in a slump, he only needs one goal to turn it around. That time will come soon and he will be back on fire.”

But United have a long way to go. Rashford isn’t the only one who needs to bounce back.