Hwang Hee-chan earned the nickname ‘Korean Guy’… “I have no intention of competing with Heungmin for the top scorer.”

Hwang Hee-chan (27, Wolverhampton) met with reporters at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC) on the 10th and said about Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola’s mention of ‘Korean Guy’, “When the nickname becomes boring, new ones seem to keep coming out one by one. “He said, “First of all, I’m happy because it seems like a very positive nickname.”

On the 29th of last month, a day before the Wolverhampton game, Coach Guardiola said, “We always had difficulties when playing against Wolverhampton. “There are good players,” he said. “The strikers Pedro Neto, Marneus Cunha, and Korean Guy (Hwang Hee-chan) are really outstanding.”

Afterwards, it was said that Coach Guardiola humiliated Hwang Hee-chan by not being able to remember his name. Then, Hwang Hee-chan scored the winning goal against Manchester City on the 30th. Coach Guardiola finally called Hwang Hee-chan’s name properly at the press conference immediately after the game.토토사이트

Hwang Hee-chan said, “I think the inclusion of the word ‘Korea’ in itself is positive in the sense that it can be promoted to foreign countries,” and “I think it was positive and good that our team was given such a fun nickname while achieving good results.”

Also, Hwang Hee-chan said about competing with Son Heung-min for the scoring title, “It is difficult to say that my brother Heung-min and I are competing. “I think that by doing my job, I am becoming someone who can be of help to Heung-min,” he said. “Heung-min will do his best to score the most goals, but I will also try to score the most goals in my career.” He said.

He has already scored 6 goals (5 league goals) this season. He is tied for second place with Son Heung-min (Tottenham) with 6 goals.

He said, “I think we’ve been playing together since 2016, and I think we’ve done really well so far.” He added, “I think there were a lot of scenes that Heungmin made with me at really important moments. “As was the case during the last Asian Games and the World Cup, we understand each other well and rely on each other well, so I think we will be able to show more good performances in the future,” he said.

He also expressed 100% confidence in coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Hwang Hee-chan said, “The last convocation was the third convocation anyway. Of course, I think we will be able to show a better side of ourselves as time goes by. “Of course, he is our coach, so I trust him 100%,” he said. “There is not much time left until the Asian Cup, so I think we will get good results if we trust in the coach and keep going.”