‘Affection for the national team that is revealed even in the clothes’ The eldest brother Kim Tae-hwan’s challenge continues

Kim Tae-hwan (Ulsan Hyundai), the eldest member of the soccer team, was named to the national team roster for the first time in six months. Kim Tae-hwan, who showed extraordinary affection for his national team, expressed his desire to be called up consistently.

Before training held at Paju NFC on the 11th, Kim Tae-hwan expressed his mindset toward the national team, saying, “Coming to the national team is the biggest motivation until I take off my soccer shoes.” Kim Tae-hwan, born in 1989, is 34 years old this year. Although he is quite old, representing the country is a position he always wants to challenge himself for.무지개토토

Kim Tae-hwan issued a challenge, saying, “Receiving a call to the national team is a good motivation. Also, I will continue to challenge myself and work hard to make the national team until the day I retire.”

Kim Tae-hwan entered the hospital on the 9th. Korea Football Association Instagram capture

On the 9th, the day he entered Paju NFC, Kim Tae-hwan’s convocation fashion became a hot topic. He walked in front of the camera wearing wide black bottoms and a black top showing off his square shoulders.

Kim Tae-hwan said that his attitude towards the national team was revealed even in his clothes. Kim Tae-hwan, who said, “(The national team) is the place I want to be the most and the most important place,” explained the episode by saying, “I think I’m showing my own attitude. I showed my attitude by coming dressed up in what I think is the coolest clothes.”

At the same time, he smiled sheepishly and said, “When the juniors saw the costumes, they all said nothing.”

When asked about the Asian Cup challenge, Kim Tae-hwan said, “I’m not looking at the Asian Cup.” He replied, “I’m looking at the next call-up. If I continue to be called up to the national team step by step, I think I’ll naturally be able to go to the Asian Cup.” He added, “My goal is to take good care of my body.”

This is the second time that Kim Tae-hwan was summoned to the Klinsmann. What order did Coach Klinsmann give to the defenders?

Kim Tae-hwan replied, “The coach hasn’t had a one-on-one meeting yet to tell me what to do,” but added, “You can only win if you don’t concede goals, so I think he wants that.” At the same time, he added, “I think I like hitting hard and competing with my opponent and winning.”

Kim Tae-hwan, who returned to the national team after six months, must now compete for the starting position again. During the period when Kim Tae-hwan was not called up, the right fullback position was replaced by Seol Young-woo (Ulsan Hyundai), Kang Sang-woo (Beijing Guoan), and Kim Mun-hwan (Al Duhail).

It will be noteworthy whether Kim Tae-hwan will continue to be called upon by Coach Klinsmann again after this convocation.