SON+Magical Madison aiming for the Golden Boot. Tottenham’s ‘possible victory’ has finally emerged! 7 reasons why Tottenham can win the EPL

EPL Tottenham is a complete blast. 6 wins, 2 draws, no loss in 8 games. It is surprisingly ranked first. However, there are no experts who think Tottenham will compete for the title this season.

Ian Wright and Chris Sutton, who view Tottenham’s sensation positively, also believe that Tottenham will eventually be eliminated from the title race.

The same goes for most experts.

However,, a British soccer media outlet, claimed on the 11th (Korean time) that ‘there are seven reasons why Tottenham can win the Premier League.’

This media outlet said, ‘Before the season, Tottenham was gloomy. Even Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich. Many famous managers, including Julian Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique, refused to take the helm at Tottenham, and Angie Postekoglou, a relative unknown who was enjoying success in Scotland, took the helm. He said, “It didn’t help boost Tottenham’s mood before the season.”

However, Tottenham is taking the league by storm in the early part of the season. They captured both the fans’ hearts and their performance with powerful attacking soccer.

The media said, ‘Coach Postekoglou has implemented a futuristic style of soccer for Tottenham. A wave of optimism has begun to sweep north London.’레고토토

Also, ‘the general assessment of experts is that Tottenham cannot continue to maintain first place. However, Tottenham deserves it. Manager Postekoglu has completely infused Tottenham with his confidence and is transforming them into one of the most versatile teams. ‘Tottenham deserve to be taken seriously as a potential title contender.’

Seven reasons were listed.

The first basis is Tottenham’s new system ‘Enzy Ball’.

Tottenham was a cautious counter-attacking team under coaches Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte. We lowered the defensive line, focused on defense, and focused on counterattacks. However, things changed completely after Coach Postekoglou took office. said, ‘Everything has changed. “Players can take risks and focus on attack, which is the key reason why they create many opportunities.”

We cannot help but mention Son Heung-min’s presence. This is the second reason.

In particular, this media cited the ‘nail’ moving to the center as a key reason.

As Son Heung-min moves to a central striker, he is showing peak goal-scoring ability. The media also expressed, ‘Son Heung-min is having the Midas touch by scoring a goal in the North London derby (against Arsenal), and is secretly aiming for his second Golden Boot.’

Son Heung-min has formed a strong duo with Harry Kane. They were the highest level dynamic duo in EPL history. However, after Kane left, Son Heung-min’s strong assistant was James Maddison.

The media described Maddison as ‘Magical Madison’ and praised him for creating powerful originality in Tottenham’s midfield and showing the ability to create something from nothing.

The huge presence of center back Van der Pen was also mentioned. It’s worth it. Not only did he score the winning goal in the last game against Luton, but he also showed solid central defense to help Tottenham have a stable performance.

The media reported, ‘Lionel Messi chose Romero, his teammate from the Argentina national team, as the best defender in the world. Tottenham had Romero, but needed a partner to take charge of the center. ‘Van der Pen is playing his role perfectly.’

In addition, Tottenham has the advantage of a stronger midfielder and the advantage of not having to play the European Champions League schedule.

Until now, most experts were skeptical about Tottenham’s title race.

BBC commentator Robbie Savage was a representative example. He said, ‘Tottenham is a success this season with the Big 4. Tottenham are playing attractive attacking football, but they are dangerous at the back and have been lucky to win this season. ‘We cannot win this season,’ he declared.

Chris Sutton also acknowledged Tottenham’s sensational performance, but said it would not be easy to win.