Teams with 100 wins were wiped out because of the PS system? The Commissioner disagreed: “There are other reasons…”

Major League fall baseball is full of surprises. Powerful teams that won more than 100 games in this year’s regular season, including the Baltimore Orioles (101 wins), the LA Dodgers (100 wins), and the Atlanta Braves (104 wins), drank the bitter drink of being eliminated from the Division Series. They were caught by teams that came through the wild card.

Baltimore was swept by the Texas Rangers, and the Los Angeles Dodgers were swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks, losing all three games. Although Atlanta did get one win over the Philadelphia Phillies, it was over in four games. The three teams that won a combined 305 games in the regular season bowed out with just one win in fall baseball.토토사이트

Last year, 100-win teams such as the Dodgers (111 wins), Atlanta (101 wins), and New York Mets (101 wins) suffered consecutive upsets in the division series or wild card to teams with lower season records. The Houston Astros (106 wins) were the only ones to survive and win the World Series.

Baseball is a sport with a lot of unexpectedness, and surprises can always happen. However, as top-seeded teams exited fall baseball early for the second year in a row, controversy over the Major League’s postseason format is emerging. Since last year, the number of teams advancing to the postseason has expanded to 12, and the wild card series has increased to a best-of-three series, and the time that regular season winning teams have to wait until the division series has lengthened to five days.

Because of this, it is difficult for the higher-seeded teams to maintain a sense of the game, and the lower-seeded teams are at a disadvantage as they gain momentum from the wild card.

Baltimore coach Brandon Hyde responded to this opinion by saying, “Five days are not necessary. “It’s too long,” he agreed, adding, “We have to do a different routine than during the season, and it’s something we have to adapt to.” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts also said, “I don’t think five days is the ideal rest period. “It would have been good to take a break for two days,” he added.

However, it is unlikely that the postseason format will change immediately. According to ‘ESPN’ on the 13th (Korean time), Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred did not agree with the opinion that the elimination of teams with 100 wins was due to the system and expressed his intention to maintain the current system.

Commissioner Manfred said, “It is a system that is now two years old. We need to watch a little more. “Some of the top-seeded teams did not win, and I think there may be other reasons besides the five-day break,” he said. “Of course, as always, we will reevaluate in the offseason and think about whether the current method is the right one.”

Although the system is being reviewed, Commissioner Manfred believes that it cannot be evaluated hastily as it is only two years old. The Dodgers and Atlanta were eliminated early for two years in a row, but Houston, which won 106 games last year and even won the World Series, is also the only team among the district champions to advance to the championship series this year, which serves as a good counterexample.

Of course, Houston was not an overwhelming team this year with 90 wins. This is the first time, excluding the shortened season, that among the four teams that have advanced to the championship series, no team has won more than 91 games. Houston, Texas, and Philadelphia each won 90 games, and Arizona won 84 games.