“Wow” Is this why it’s a Korean icon? South Korean soccer fans are living in the era of Son Heung-min.

Son Heung-min is an icon of Korean soccer. He is not, he can be said to be an icon of Korean sports stars.

Among Korean sports figures, the most influential player is definitely Son Heung-min. However, this is not simply due to outstanding skills. Of course, his outstanding skills are at the root, but fans are also excited because he has enough qualities to represent Korea in terms of personality and behavior.

Son Heung-min played full-time as a starter against Vietnam in the national soccer friendly match invited by Hana Bank held at the Suwon World Cup Stadium in Gyeonggi-do on October 17. In fact, this day’s game was one in which Son Heung-min did not have to play. During the game, Son Heung-min collided with a Vietnamese player and was not in perfect physical condition to the point where he looked uncomfortable for a moment.먹튀검증

However, there was also a scene where the 42,175 fans who filled the stadium chanted Son Heung-min’s name and tried to give strength to the ‘captain’.

Son Heung-min also responded. Son Heung-min replied, “Injuries are an unavoidable part of living as a soccer player,” and “I was worried about whether to play in today’s game, but I couldn’t accept coming to Korea and not playing in front of the fans.” Scoring a goal in the Vietnam game will not receive praise nor help his career. However, this does not mean that the competition for the starting position is threatened. There was only one reason he fought in the Vietnam War! It was for the fans. He said, “I discussed with the coach and told him I would play in the game,” and “I couldn’t participate much in training, but I’m grateful to the coach for respecting my decision.”

Son Heung-min also appeared to be trying to calm the team mood by consistently defending the criticism of Coach Klinsmann. “It seems like there are some people who are very negative about players suddenly changing positions,” he said. “The players are all capable, but each of them likes different positions, and if the game is not going well that day, they change positions.” “Coach,” he said. “There is a part that gives you freedom, so I hope you don’t think too sharply about this part,” he explained. It was a town, not a village, asking for positive aspects of Coach Klinsmann’s offensive autonomous soccer.

Regarding scoring 10 goals in this game against Tunisia and Vietnam, Son Heung-min said, “No matter who the opponent is, 10 goals in 2 games is a positive point,” and “There were scenes where opportunities were missed, but if we practice the finishing part a little more, we can improve in upcoming games as well.” “I will be able to show a good performance,” he said.

During the game, a Vietnamese player was seen dissuading the player, saying it was not an ejection. He was making a gesture that there was no need to go that far in a friendly match. In response, even the Vietnamese media came out to praise Son Heung-min’s personality. After the game ended, the players lined up and waited to get Son Heung-min’s autograph.

Lastly, Son Heung-min asked the fans for their support, saying, “I will do my best to laugh, cry, and have fun with the fans on the journey to the Asian Cup in January 2024 and the World Cup in 2026.” Son Heung-min has dismissed transfer rumors in the past, saying, “The captain of the Korean national soccer team does not go to Saudi Arabia.”

Soccer fans around the world may be living in the era of Messi, Ronaldo, and Holland. However, Korean soccer fans are clearly living in the ‘Son Heung-min era.’