Ha-seong Kim “My best position is shortstop”, even the American media acknowledged… It’s OK to stay at second base for a big man worth 378.8 billion won.

Will Ha-seong Kim be able to return to shortstop next season?

Local media outlet San Diego Union-Tribune reported on the 2nd, ‘(Third baseman) Manny Machado will have to undergo elbow surgery and play as a designated hitter early next year. It was reported that the club may consider Kim Ha-seong playing third base and then returning to shortstop.

In relation to this, local sports media The Athletic highlighted the thoughts of San Diego infielders next season and what the optimal infield position is in an article titled ‘Padres will ask Xander Bogaerts to change position’ on the 20th (Korean time). . Kim Ha-seong’s return to shortstop was heavily discussed.

First of all, Bogaerts wants to remain at shortstop, but he is also open to a position change. He has played only as shortstop since 2014, his first full-time season. However, “I don’t know if the club will talk about it, but it is true that there is a bridge to cross,” he said. “I am an athlete. I have tried to do what suits my body best. I try to maintain the optimal body. It is expected that a position change will be possible.” “I see it,” he said.먹튀검증

Bogaerts is not a great defensive shortstop. This season, he ranks 3rd in OAA (outs-against-average), but his DRS (run-suppression defense) is -4, and his throwing ability is in the bottom 24%. Because of this, there are opinions within the club that they should ask him to move to first base. The Athletic said,

‘Some people in the club believe that the optimal infield composition is Machado at third base, shortstop Kim Ha-seong, Jake Cronenworth at second base, and Bogaerts at first base.’ It is a complicated situation. The Padres need to build a more balanced roster. “For this reason, we can consider trading Kim Ha-seong or Cronenworth. However, Kim Ha-seong is the most productive and popular player on the team, and trading Cronenworth is not feasible,” he wrote. He added, “When Machado returns to the field, each player

will It is also possible to play the same basic position he played this year. This year’s infield defense was successful. The Padres ranked 4th overall in the OAA and 5th in DRS. So, would Kim Ha-seong, who played as the team’s best infielder this year, agree to play second base for one more season? ‘?’ he asked.

Regarding this, Ha-seong Kim said in a media interview, “The best position for me is still shortstop. It’s the position where I can best demonstrate my abilities,” and said about Bogaerts remaining at shortstop, “There is no problem at all. Xander is our team’s shortstop and I respect that. “He is the starting shortstop, and I am the starting second baseman. I have confidence in the chemistry we have developed over the past year. Next year, the defense will be more structured. It will get better,” he said.

This means that it doesn’t matter if you keep looking at the second baseman.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is also hoping to return to shortstop. However, he played right field for the first time this year and ranked first in DRS among NL outfielders.

Tatis said, “I also want to see shortstop. I think he’s great as a baseball player. I can see the most difficult position,” but added, “(If he stays in the outfield), right field is better than center field. Petco Park has a better zone for right fielder than center fielder.” “It’s wide. You can defend the ball more.”

Fernando Tatis Jr. prefers right field, but he also dreams of eventually returning to shortstop. AP Yonhap News

The Athletic said, ‘The careers of existing infielders were affected by Bogaerts’ arrival. Kim Ha-seong, who is under contract until next year, performed outstandingly as a second baseman this year, but is still evaluated as the shortstop with the best defense in the team. Next year is Cronenworth’s first season on a 7-year, $80 million contract, and he is better suited to second base than first base, where he had the worst time in charge this year. Tatis, who successfully transformed into a right fielder this year, said, “I dream of returning to shortstop like Ha-seong Kim.”

This means that it is best to nail Ha-seong Kim as shortstop and adjust the positions of the other infielders. Once Machado becomes the designated hitter, Ha-seong Kim will have to take over third base for the time being.

And when a certain amount of time passes and Machado becomes able to defend, the best scenario is for Ha-seong Kim to take over his original position of third base and return to shortstop. It is ineffective for Bogaerts to insist on playing shortstop. Bogaerts signed a 11-year, $280 million (approximately 378.8 billion won) free agent contract last winter and wore a San Diego uniform.