Coach Park Jin-seop, “Min Sang-ki is injured, we expect a buff from Lamas powdered milk… immediate victory is more important than promotion.”

Coach Park Jin-seop revealed the direction of Busan I-Park.

Busan I’Park will play the 36th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 2 2023’ against South Chungcheong Asan at Yi Sun-sin Stadium at 6:30 pm on the 21st. Busan is in first place with 63 points (18 wins, 9 draws, 5 losses).

Busan’s starting lineup included Koo Sang-min, Jo Wi-je, Lee Han-do, Choi Ji-mook, Choi Jun, Kim Jeong-hwan, Lim Min-hyuk, Yeoreum, Pesin, Kim Chan, and Lamas. Byeong-geun Hwang, Ho-young Seong, Sang-jun Kim, Sang-yoon Kang, Park Dong-jin, Franklin, and Choi Geon-ju started on the bench.

Choi Jun, who won a gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, joined. At the pre-press conference, coach Park Jin-seop said, “I didn’t say much. I just said congratulations on winning the gold medal. Since I was receiving that much benefit, I just told him to work harder and become a better player.”굿모닝토토

Min Sang-gi was missing from the defensive line. Min Sang-gi was in charge of Busan’s three hundred and one axis after joining in the summer transfer market. “There was an injury. He was out, but Jo Wi-je is there. He is a player who has been with me all along. He is playing good defense, but I feel that the forward pressure is a little lacking, so I plan to raise the defensive line today,” he said, explaining the reason Min Sang-ki was excluded from the list and how he will operate the defense. mentioned.

Busan is only looking at the next game rather than promotion. Coach Park Jin-seop said, “Sangmu Gimcheon will meet Ansan Greeners tomorrow, but there is not much pressure. We don’t look at those things, only the current situation. The players are like that too. If we lose today, we can win tomorrow. First, let’s focus on winning today. “There is. The players have followed along well and this atmosphere has been created. I don’t think we will even watch the K-League 1 Final B. If we go to the playoffs, we will analyze it,” he said.

Regarding Chungnam Asan, he said, “We will try to be aggressive today. Chungnam Asan scored a lot of goals in the second half while using foreign players. They showed that they are attacking players, so we will try to be more focused in the second half.”

Regarding Lamas, who recently had a child, he said, “I said congratulations. Although I wasn’t able to exercise, it was part of communication. I told him to be more responsible. I look forward to the powdered milk buff. He seems to be a little more responsible.”