6 goals in 23 games → 7 goals in 6 games, Son Heung-min flying as tactics change

Sports statistics media ‘Squawka’ reported on the 24th (Korean time), ‘Son Heung-min has now scored more points in the last 6 games (7 goals) than in the last 23 games (6 goals).’

Tottenham defeated Fulham 2-0 in the EPL 9th round match held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 24th (Korean time) due to Son Heung-min’s 1 goal and 1 assist.

Ahead of the game, Tottenham revealed their starting lineup. Tottenham came out in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Son Heung-min appears as the frontline striker. Klusevski, Madison, and Richarlison play in the second line. Sar-Hojbjerg played as the third-line midfielder, while defense included Foro, Romero, van der Pen and Udogi, and goalkeeper Vicario. The most noteworthy point is that Hojbjerg returned to the starting lineup due to Bissouma’s suspension.짱구카지노 주소

Son Heung-min was on fire from the 2nd minute of the game. Due to Tottenham’s tremendous forearm pressure, Sarr won the ball and immediately passed it to Maddison. Maddison gave it to Son Heung-min, who was penetrating, and Son Heung-min hit the shot right away, but it was blocked by his old teammate Leno.

Tottenham, who kept pounding, eventually scored the first goal. Son Heung-min, Maddison, and Van der Pen harassed their opponents with tremendous forward pressure, and in the end, Van der Pen stole the ball and passed it to Richarlison, who gave it to Son Heung-min with one touch. Son Heung-min, who received the ball, scored the first goal with a spectacular curling kick.

8 minutes into the second half, this time it was the Madison combination. Also, the forward pressure worked. Son Heung-min and Maddison pressed forward, but Fulham made a build-up mistake and the ball went to Hojbjerg. Hojbjerg passed it to Son Heung-min with one touch, and Son Heung-min passed to Maddison who quickly penetrated.

Son Heung-min recorded his first assist of the season as Madison, who received the pass, calmly scored into the corner of the goal.

Son Heung-min scored 1 goal, 1 assist, created 4 opportunities, and created 1 big chance in this game. He earned a rating of 8.6 points with two final third passes and a 75% dribbling success rate. Son Heung-min, who had the same rating as Mason, received the highest score in the team.

He also scored in this game, moving up to second place in the scoring rankings along with Salah, narrowing the gap to Holland by one goal. Additionally, Tottenham regained first place in the league with 23 points, beating Manchester City and Arsenal.

Son Heung-min showed that it was also a question of tactics. Last season, while playing for Mezzala under coach Conte, he rarely created goal chances and was not even able to stand at the forefront. But this season is different.

As coach Postekoglou appointed him as a striker, he is creating many opportunities with Maddison, and Son Heung-min is showing tremendous goal production with his unique goal-making ability.

At this scoring pace, Son Heung-min will be able to aim for the top scorer this season as well.