Korean Guy’ exploded again!… Hwang Hee-chan scores his 7th goal of the season → Wolverhampton draws 2-2 with Newcastle

Korean striker Hwang Hee-chan overcame the mental difficulties caused by conceding a penalty kick and gave his team Wolverhampton Wanderers a valuable point with a fantastic equalizer.

Wolverhampton drew 2-2 thanks to Hwang Hee-chan’s equalizer in the 26th minute of the second half in the match against Newcastle United in the 10th round of the 2023/24 Premier League season held at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton, England on the 29th (Korean time).

Wolverhampton, who finished the first half 1-2, had difficulty scoring an equalizer against Newcastle, ranked 4th in the league last season, but the team’s top scorer, Hwang Hee-chan, scored his 7th goal of the season and 6th league goal with a calm and clean finish to draw the match.

With the draw against Newcastle, Wolverhampton increased their points to 12 (3 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses), and their league ranking also rose to 12th place. Although they had the same number of points as Chelsea, they fell behind in goal difference and ended up in 12th place. They are one game behind 8th place Manchester United (15 points), and 9th place West Ham (14 points) and 10th place Brentford (13 points) are also in pursuit.

Newcastle, whose recent rapid rise has come to a halt, increased its points to 17 (5 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses), but there was no change in ranking and it maintained 6th place. They are 2 points behind 5th place Aston Villa (19 points).

On this day, the home team Wolverhampton used a 3-4-3 structure. Jose Sa donned the goalkeeper’s gloves, and Totti Gomes, Maximilian Kilman and Craig Dawson formed the back three. Nelson Semedo and Rayan Aitnouri played left and right wingbacks, while Mario Lemina and Boubacar Traoré were deployed in midfield. Hee-chan Hwang, Matheus Cunha, and Pedro Neto were named in the top three front lines.

The away team, Newcastle, faced a 4-3-3 formation. Nick Pope guarded the goal, and Dan Byrne, Fabian Shea, Jamal Russelless and Kieran Trippier made up the defense. The midfield consisted of Joelin Tong, Bruno Guimaraes, and Sean Longstaff. The offensive line consisted of Aaron Gordon, Callum Wilson, and Miguel Almiron.카지노사이트

Appearing from the first half kickoff on this day, Hwang Hee-chan was successful in starting 7 consecutive games (6 league games + 1 league cup game). Hwang Hee-chan was suffering from frequent hamstring (back muscle) injuries and was receiving limited playing time at Wolverhampton. He has remained healthy recently and has been consistently included in the starting lineup.

Coach Gary O’Neill, who took office at Wolverhampton this season, put Hwang Hee-chan on the substitute list rather than as a starter in the first and second rounds, but he showed good performance, including scoring the team’s first goal of the season in the second round, and made him play most of the game from the first half. I’m doing it. Hwang Hee-chan, who was also named in the starting lineup on this day, showed off his goal scoring sense that has recently reached its peak and succeeded in proving once again that he is one of the best goal scorers in the Premier League this season.

Hwang Hee-chan showed his best condition by showing active movement from the beginning of the first half. In the 8th minute of the first half, while Newcastle were building up from behind, strong forward pressure led to a missed pass, and although they were blocked in the process of catching the ball and trying to break through, they induced a corner kick.

In the 10th minute of the first half, Aitnuri passed two Newcastle players with a fantastic individual skill and succeeded in breaking through the left side, then successfully made an accurate pass to Hwang Hee-chan, who was rushing towards the center. However, there was an unfortunate scene where Hwang Hee-chan lost possession of the ball due to his long touch.

In the 19th minute of the first half, Wolverhampton striker Cunha intercepted Newcastle’s pass right in front of the penalty box, creating a good counterattack opportunity. Cunha passed the ball to Hwang Hee-chan, who was in the box, and Hwang Hee-chan passed the ball back to Cunha. Cunha, who exchanged a 2-on-1 pass with Hwang Hee-chan, immediately tried to shoot with his right foot, but the shot headed directly toward the goalkeeper and was easily caught by Newcastle goalkeeper Pope.

Wolverhampton took advantage of the home game and continued to pound on Newcastle’s goal, but it was the visiting team, Newcastle, that scored the first goal. In the 21st minute of the first half, Newcastle striker Wilson scored the first goal, breaking the tight balance of zero.

Newcastle’s first goal came from a mistake by Wolverhampton’s goalkeeper Sa. Gordon’s cross came high from the left side, and Saga came out of the goal and tried to jump to catch it. However, he missed the ball because he couldn’t catch it properly, and he happened to collide with players on the same team and missed the ball. At this time, the ball that Wilson pushed forward floated in the air, and Wilson kicked it into the goal with a wonderful bicycle kick, scoring the first goal.

Instead of the goalkeeper, defender Gomes blocked Wilson’s first shot in front of the goal, but as the second ball went to Wilson again, he allowed a second shot and was unable to prevent the goal.

Wolverhampton, who gave up the first goal, increased the attack tempo to tie the game. In the 28th minute of the first half, Cunha carried the ball into the box through a dribble break and boldly attempted a left-footed shot from the left side of the box. Cunha’s sharp shot flew toward the goal, but goalkeeper Pope made a great save by hitting it away with his fingertips.

In the 35th minute of the first half, Neto, another ace who is leading the Wolverhampton attack along with Hwang Hee-chan, beat a defender on the right side of the box and fired a left-footed shot, which was also blocked by Pope, the England national team’s starting goalkeeper, by hitting upwards.

A corner kick was awarded when Neto’s shot hit goalkeeper Pope Pope’s hand and went over the line, and with this corner kick, Wolverhampton tied the score. Neto, who received a corner kick in the 36th minute of the first half, handled the corner kick himself, and the ball he lifted into the box was hit by midfielder Lemina’s head and hit the net.

It was a fantastic equalizer with a header that even goalkeeper Pope, who had made good saves up until then, found difficult to block.

Before the end of regular time in the first half, Wolverhampton was in danger of conceding a penalty kick. Hwang Hee-chan gave it. Wolverhampton players blocked Newcastle’s corner kick, and just as Hwang Hee-chan was trying to kick the ball out of the box, Newcastle defender Shea ran up, touched the ball, and tripped over Hwang Hee-chan’s feet, resulting in a penalty kick.

Wolverhampton players immediately protested and even video referee (VAR) was activated, but there was no change in the decision. Newcastle’s penalty kick was recognized.

Newcastle appointed Wilson, the leading scorer, as the penalty kick kicker. Wilson fired a shot toward the left corner, but the shot hit the goal post and went inside, giving Newcastle the lead again. Goalkeeper Sa read the direction of the shot but could not block it.

In the end, Wolverhampton, who conceded a goal in extra time in the first half, ended the first half with a score of 1-2 and found themselves in a situation where they were chasing Newcastle again.

Hwang Hee-chan, who gave up a goal due to his own mistake, did his best to make up for it. In the 24th minute of the second half, Hwang Hee-chan, who was rushing forward to receive an infiltration pass from behind, was tripped by Newcastle defender Russelus, resulting in a foul and a warning.

The free kick earned by Hwang Hee-chan ended up being the starting point for Wolverhampton’s equalizer. A free kick inside the box was kicked out by goalkeeper Pope, but Wolverhampton pushed it back into the box. At this time, Hwang Hee-chan caught the ball.

Hwang Hee-chan calmly executed a left-footed shot and induced a sliding tackle from the opposing defender. Through this, he perfectly beat one defender and then hit the net with a quick left-footed shot aimed at the near post, scoring the equalizer to make the score 2-2.

After scoring the equalizer, Hwang Hee-chan celebrated the goal with his teammates and home fans by performing a knee sliding ceremony.

After Hwang Hee-chan’s equalizer, Wolverhampton gained momentum and attempted to come back from behind, but in the 31st minute of the second half, Neto caught his thigh and fell while running. Eventually, Neto was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher.

Wolverhampton was unable to score a comeback goal in the end, but Hwang Hee-chan’s equalizer resulted in a draw against Premier League powerhouse Newcastle and succeeded in taking one point.

With this goal, Hwang Hee-chan became tied for 5th place in Premier League scoring this season. Manchester City’s monster striker Erling Holland scored 9 goals and Son Heung-min scored 8 goals, while Wilson, who scored two goals on the day, and Liverpool’s leading striker Mohamed Salah scored 7 goals together. Next, Hwang Hee-chan scored 6 goals along with Alexander Isaac (Newcastle) and Brian Mbomo (Brentford), ranking tied for 5th place in scoring. Hwang Hee-chan also scored one goal in the League Cup, bringing his total score for the season to seven.

The six goals in 10 games this season are Hwang Hee-chan’s most goals in the Premier League since joining Wolverhampton. Hwang Hee-chan, who moved to Wolverhampton on loan from Leipzig, Germany in 2021, succeeded in a soft landing by scoring 5 goals in the 2021/22 season, his first season with the club. However, in the previous 2022/23 season, he appeared in 27 games and scored only 3 goals. Last season, there were many injuries such as hamstring injuries, so Hwang Hee-chan played as a substitute in many games. After scoring a goal against Liverpool, he was injured and came all the way to Korea to receive treatment before returning.

However, this season, he scored 6 goals in 10 games, breaking his record for most goals in a Premier League season with not even 30% of the season completed. Rather than his mid-distance shots or reckless shots, it is impressive that he chooses his position well and finishes it concisely. The unique advantage of being a Korean striker who uses both his left and right feet well is also significant.

After the Newcastle game, Hwang Hee-chan said, “I was sad that I conceded a penalty kick and wanted to do something for the team. After the first half, my teammates gave me confidence by saying, ‘I can do it.’ I scored a goal in the second half and gave the team credit.” “I’m happy to help,” he said. Although he was cautious about discussing the penalty kick decision, he said, “I tried to kick the ball away, but I saw someone block the ball. After that, I stopped, and it seemed like the opposing player touched me, but a penalty kick was awarded and Wilson scored.” He did not hide his regret.

Coach O’Neill praised Hwang Hee-chan, saying, “There is absolutely no doubt about Hwang Hee-chan’s mentality, will, and ability to regain concentration.”

He then gave great praise to Hwang Hee-chan’s performance, saying, “He is clearly a threatening striker. Also, the fact that he scores a goal is obviously a big plus for our team. He also scored an important goal today.”

Hwang Hee-chan is solidifying his image as an emerging striker in the Premier League by completely resolving his weakness in scoring goals this season.

Hwang Hee-chan has already shown an excellent goal conversion rate this season, and his outstanding performance has been confirmed numerically. On the 15th, the Premier League revealed Hwang Hee-chan’s goal conversion rate through its official SNS, saying, “Hwang Hee-chan is the cleanest in front of goal among the scoring players this season.” According to data released by the Premier League, among players who succeeded in scoring five or more goals, Hwang Hee-chan ranked first with a goal-to-shot conversion rate of 41.7%. At that time, Hwang Hee-chan scored 5 goals in the Premier League.

Following Hwang Hee-chan, Isaac (33.3%) and Son Heung-min (26.1%) ranked 2nd and 3rd, and Holland, the leading scorer in the Premier League, ranked 4th with 25%. Hwang Hee-chan attempted a total of 12 shots in Premier League games so far this season and finished with 5 goals.

After Hwang Hee-chan scored against Aston Villa on the 9th of last month, scoring in three consecutive official games, it was even claimed that Wolverhampton football history was rewritten. Opta, a soccer statistics media, explained, “Hwang Hee-chan became the first Wolverhampton player to be involved in scoring in five consecutive Premier League home games.” He continued to rewrite history by scoring a goal in this home game.

Starting with the last home game against Everton in the 37th round of the league last season, Hwang Hee-chan also scored against Brighton in the second round of the league, which was the team’s first home game this season. Afterwards, he scored the first goal against Liverpool after receiving Neto’s cross, scoring the first goal in three consecutive home games. In the match against Manchester City, he even scored the winning goal to give the team victory at home. In the course of the last five league home games, including the first goal against Aston Villa, there was not a single game in which Hwang Hee-chan did not score.

However, when Hwang Hee-chan failed to win the game against Aston Villa despite this record, he said in an interview with local media, “Unfortunately, we could not win at home. Both teams fought well. It was very difficult, but at the same time we got a very important point.” He said, “Our team is only thinking about the next game at every moment. We will rest after the international break and come back.”

Then, in the match against Bournemouth on the 22nd, he continued his march of offensive points by providing an assist, and in the match against Newcastle this time, despite a mental breakdown due to a penalty kick in the first half, he scored the equalizer, leading the team to advance to this season’s UEFA Champions League. He played a key role in scoring a valuable point against Newcastle.

Hwang Hee-chan became a hot topic earlier this month when he received rave reviews from world-renowned coach Pep Guardiola. When Hwang Hee-chan scored a goal against Manchester City on the 1st to lead Wolverhampton to victory, Coach Guardiola congratulated Wolverhampton on their victory by clearly pronouncing it as ‘Hwang’ at the post-game press conference.

Coach Guardiola said, “It is dangerous to continue to allow players like Hwang and Mateus Cunha to break through after the ball has been delivered,” and added, “I have warned the players enough.” He also applauded the winner, saying, “(Wolverhampton players) are strong.”

It is worth noting Coach Guardiola’s pronunciation of “hwang” after the game.

At the press conference prior to the Wolverhampton trip just a day ago, Coach Guardiola said, “Wolverhampton has a lot of high-quality players,” and “Pedro Neto, Matheus Cunha, and that Korean player are really great.” “The Korean guy” refers to Hwang Hee-chan, the only Korean to play for Wolverhampton. Coach Pep Guardiola called Hwang Hee-chan “that Korean player” before the game because he could not remember his name, but after Hwang Hee-chan’s amazing performance, he pronounced Hwang Hee-chan’s last name correctly, implying that his performance in the game was memorable.

Coach Guardiola is not the only one who remembers Hwang Hee-chan. Liverpool’s head coach, Jurgen Klopp, ahead of the league’s 5th round match against Wolverhampton on the 16th, also said, “Good players like Hwang (Hee-chan) and Sasha Kalajdjic are enough of a threat even though they do not start the game,” and said, “Hwang So. ‘Hwang Hee-chan’s strength has been indirectly proven.

Liverpool manager Klopp, who is close with Korean players such as Son Heung-min, correctly pronounced it as “hwang.”

At a pre-press conference held on the 16th of last month ahead of the match between the two teams, Manager Klopp said, “It will be like any away game in the Premier League, but I would like to avoid the away game against Wolverhampton,” adding, “‘There will be no pressure on the away game because we have accumulated a good number of points.’ “It’s not even possible,” he said, strengthening his resolve. He continued, “It is true that (Wolverhampton) lost important resources such as Mateus Nunes last summer. Nevertheless, when I look at their squad, I think, ‘They are a really good team.’”

Then, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Hwang’. Coach Klopp said, “If you look at the Wolverhampton squad, there are (threatening) players like Hwang (Hee-chan) and Sasha Kalajdjic who are not starting, but there are a lot of good players like Pedro Neto,” and he still cannot let go of tension. The point was emphasized. He also expressed his determination to go back to the beginning and aim for points, saying, “The game is expected to be fierce and I will prepare accordingly.”

In addition to Matheus Nunes, who was sent to Manchester City last summer, Wolverhampton also sent away key players such as Ruben Neves, Daniel Podence, and Joao Moutinho, as well as semi-main players such as Connor Cody and Gonzalo Gads, leaving a huge vacuum in their power. Spanish coach Julen Lopetegui was fired after protesting the massive transfer of players, and coach Gary O’Neill was appointed. Coach Klopp thinks differently. Hee-chan Hwang, Mario Lemina, Matheus Cunha, and Pablo Sarabia still remain, so the idea that it would be an easy match proved to be a miscalculation. Hwang Hee-chan actually scored the first goal in the 7th minute of the first half against Liverpool, putting the visiting team at Molineux Stadium in crisis.

Hwang Hee-chan scored a goal against Liverpool in the FA Cup last season, and Liverpool was eventually eliminated, so Hwang Hee-chan was a target of caution from Manager Klopp’s point of view.

Meanwhile, when coach Guardiola was hit by Hwang Hee-chan, there were a lot of posts satirizing it on social media. Reactions such as “They called me Korean Guy and gave up a goal” and “I think I will pronounce Hwang correctly now” continued.

His performance did not only continue within the game. Hwang Hee-chan was recognized as Wolverhampton’s best player for his fan service. British media ‘Molineux News’ reported on Hwang Hee-chan, saying, “Hwang Hee-chan’s smart gesture of scoring the winning goal against Manchester City” and “Hwang Hee-chan was the hero of the time when Wolverhampton handed Manchester City their first loss of the season. He showed his class even off the pitch after the game. “He once again showed his classy side as he greeted the Korean people.”

“Wolverhampton released a video of Hwang Hee-chan meeting Korean fans after the game. He was captured in the video calling fans to the stadium, posing for photos and signing autographs. This is not the first time Hwang Hee-chan has done something like this. He praised Hwang Hee-chan’s attitude, saying, “He gave a long greeting to the fans after the team drew 0-0 with Luton Town at their home stadium, which was pouring rain even in pre-season.”

Thanks to Hwang Hee-chan’s wishes, Wolverhampton recently posted a new product on the club’s official sales site. The new product that Wolverhampton ambitiously released was none other than the Hwang Hee-chan T-shirt.

It was a T-shirt with Hwang Hee-chan’s name and face drawn in the center, but what stood out was the phrase ‘Our Korean Guy’ written below Hwang Hee-chan’s face. The product name was ‘Hwang Hee-chan – Our Korean Guy T-shirt’.

When asked a related question during the A-match period in the middle of this month, Hwang Hee-chan said, “It may be because my name suddenly doesn’t come to mind before the game.” He added, “Whether there is always a negative story or a positive story before the game, it will motivate my performance.” I always try to think so that I can do it. In fact, I may not have thought of the name for a moment, but anyway, I thought it was an honor because the best coach in the world mentioned me in terms of my skills. I think I gained confidence from that and went into the game. Europe “I think it was clear that there was more response from that side,” he said, expressing satisfaction with having his name engraved well.

Even after returning from Korea, he continues to display a play that matches his pride. Hwang Hee-chan’s unwavering will to score was clearly revealed in the game against the powerful team Newcastle. Even though we are in the middle of the Premier League, there are signs that the Korean Guy sensation will not stop.