‘Tiki Taka FS’, Ulsan competition champion of ‘2023 Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Competition’

Tiki Taka FS (hereinafter referred to as Tiki Taka) became the champion in the Ulsan competition of the ‘2023 Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Competition’.

Tiki Taka defeated BALO.FS 3-0 in the Ulsan regional final of the ‘2023 Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Tournament’, Korea’s best amateur women’s futsal tournament, held at HM Futsal Park Ulsan Buk-gu Branch on the 28th (Saturday). Tiki Taka won the championship trophy and a prize money of 1 million won. In addition, they also won a ticket to participate in the national championship, which will be held on Saturday, November 4th.온라인카지노

Tiki Taka, who was participating in the competition for the first time, made it all the way to the finals with great odds. While scoring 20 goals in the group stage, they conceded only one goal. In the quarterfinals of the following tournament, they easily defeated Keimyung University’s women’s soccer club team, GOAT FC, 4-0, and in the semifinals, they defeated FC Terra, based in Ulsan, 5-0.

The final against BALO.FS was not easy until the first goal was scored. However, Tikitaka, which gradually found stability, played the game with a pass play befitting the team name and eventually won 3-0.

Tiki Taka FS, based in Daegu, is a team with a relatively short history, having been officially founded in May of last year. However, this year, she took her first challenge at the Gatorade Women’s Competition and won the championship trophy.

Bang Woori, who won the MVP, said, “During the competition, there were many difficult times due to injuries, but the team members worked together as one to overcome them.” He continued, “Our team has strong trust among team members. He shared the background to his victory, saying, “I was persistent and I was able to successfully digest the coach’s training ahead of the competition, which led to my victory.”

Tiki Taka coach Lim Yeon-hee said, “We are one team. The positive thought that we can overcome even difficult times is always imprinted in us. “Looking back on this competition, it wasn’t easy, but we ended up winning in the direction we wanted,” he said.

Lastly, ahead of the championship, “There are many injuries, so we need to focus on recovery ahead of the championship. Above all, as this is our first time competing, we will do our best with the mindset of a challenger, but to promote our team beyond the Gyeongsang region and throughout the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, NIMBLE Again won the Jeonju regional competition held at HM Futsal Park Jeonju branch on the same day. NIMBLE Again is a unit team of NIMBLE FS based in Daejeon. A total of three teams participated in the last Pyeongtaek tournament, two of which advanced to the quarterfinals and qualified for the championship. In this Jeonju competition, one remaining team re-participated as NIMBLE Again and achieved the feat of not only advancing to the championship but also winning.

The ‘2023 Gatorade 5v5 Women’s Competition’, which has completed all regional preliminary competitions, will be held at HM Futsal Park Siheung on Saturday, November 4.

This competition is hosted by sports marketing company HNS Co., Ltd., and Gatorade participates as a partner.