There was oil left in Noh Kyung-eun’s tank… The milestone of 40 years old, I’ll followin’ to the end

I gave it my all, game by game, match by match. I made sure I was ready to play every day, and when I was called upon, I went. No matter the situation. I never said no. I just loved being able to throw the ball, especially when the team needed it, and that’s how I ended up with an incredible record at the end of the season.

Noh Kyung-eun (39, SSG) has one of the few records in the history of the KBO. This year, she pitched 83 innings in 76 games as a pure bullpen. She also recorded a career-high 30 holds. It’s hard to find a precedent for a pitcher over the age of 39 to throw 80+ pure bullpen innings and record 30+ holds, but it wasn’t a fixed finish. Much of the dirty work in SSG’s bullpen was done by Noh.

After being released after the 2021 season, Noh didn’t give up. No, she couldn’t. Above all, she was confident in her body. Her elbows and shoulders were still strong, and she felt that she had found a routine that suited her after so many challenges in her younger years. I didn’t want it to end now that I had found it. I accepted SSG’s offer to test, and the rest, as we all know, is history. Last year, I was injured in the middle of the season and didn’t finish, but this year was different. He finished the season as a bullpen player.굿모닝토토 주소

“I threw without a circle as I wanted to when I joined the team,” Noh said, “Thanks to coach Kim Won-hyung, I tried throwing without a circle, and I also wanted to.” Noh thanked Kim Won-hyung, who has since left the team, and reflected that she reached a personal milestone this year. It wasn’t the vaunted 30 holds. “I’ve never pitched from start to finish in a season as a middle reliever or as a closer,” she said, “so in a way, it was my first experience, and I wanted to test myself.”

Noh wanted to know where her limits were. It might have been the mindset of a rookie who had just made her debut. “I wanted to know where my limits were, and then I also wanted to find tricks, so in a way, I was in the position of studying,” Noh said. “I could become a leader later, and I could give lessons. It’s a style that I can only accept if I feel it myself. Only then will I be convinced,” he said.

I threw without a circle, and I studied without a circle. Throughout the season, she felt and practiced when her strength would drop, how to release her arm, and what to do when her pace dropped. “I wanted to find that routine, and it took a season. “I wanted to find that routine, and before I knew it, a season had passed.” No Kyung said, “I think I got the routine a little quicker, so I was able to go easy on myself.” She shared the secret of her successful season. “It also gave me the confidence to know that I’m not physically out of shape. I was also convinced that I just needed to be careful not to get carried away in the long, boring races.

A lesson some of us might have learned in our early to mid-20s. Noh learned that lesson in her 40s. It seems to have returned a bit, but she’s grateful to be able to go to the end of her career looking for that lesson. That’s where the greed comes in. It’s a hard milestone, and I want to follow it as much as I can. I’ve reached new heights, but I don’t rest on my laurels or look back. On the contrary, he says it gives him confidence that he can do better.

“I want to utilize what I felt like this, but I’m too old,” Noh said with a slight laugh, “but I want to continue my active life until I feel strong and until I think my ball has power. I’m not a big pitcher, but I’ve learned and experienced a lot, so I have such confidence that I can manage my body better than this next year. I think it was a season of confidence in terms of not getting sick,” he said.

With a clear goal in front of her, Noh is, as always, working diligently. While the other main bullpen arms were taking a rest day, Noh showed up at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 3rd and worked out all morning. She’s a veteran enough to know what works and what doesn’t from all the trial and error she’s been through. She knows what she needs to do now, so there’s no reason to hesitate.

Noh is confident that she still has gas in her tank. When she was a starter, she sometimes felt like she was running out of gas, but she’s confident she never did in the bullpen. Even though I pushed myself hard this year, I still had the strength to throw more at the end of the season. Next year, she plans to rely on that strength and push the gas pedal harder.

“If I can do something similar to this year next year, I think it will be a success,” said Noh. I want to play in many games next year, regardless of whether I’m the favorite or the chaser, and I’ll prepare as if I’m going to play often.” Wearing a backpack that was reduced in volume by her know-how, Noh Kyung-eun left the starting line again with a light step.