Another shock following the Diaz crisis…Neymar’s family and friends, armed robbery

Fresh off the news that Luis Diaz’s parents were kidnapped, another shocker has surfaced.

“Neymar posted on social media that ‘it’s a sad day with two very bad pieces of news,'” Germany’s Sky Sports reported on Aug. 8. “Armed men broke into his in-laws’ home in São Paulo, took the parents of Neymar’s girlfriend Bruna Biancardi hostage and fled with valuables including a watch and a luxury purse,” the outlet reported.레모나토토 주소

The soccer world was already shaken by the recent incident involving Diaz. It was reported that his parents had been kidnapped. “On Saturday, Colombian President Gustavo Petro confirmed that Diaz’s parents were kidnapped in northern Colombia,” ESPN reported. His mother was rescued, but his father is still missing. Prosecutors have set up a team of investigators to search for his parents in the barrancas of La Guajara.” Liverpool also released a statement on its official website, saying: “The club is aware of and confirms the situation involving the Diaz family. We sincerely hope that the matter is resolved as quickly and safely as possible. In the meantime, his well-being will remain our top priority.”

The kidnappers of Diaz’s parents are reportedly Colombian rebels. On March 3, the BBC reported, “The Colombian government has confirmed that Diaz’s father was kidnapped by leftist rebels from the National Liberation Army (ELN). Hundreds of police and soldiers have been deployed to rescue him,” the BBC reported.

Diaz, who has been suffering, also called for his father’s safe return. After coming on as a substitute and scoring against Luton Town on June 6, Diaz made a gesture by pulling out a T-shirt that read “Free My Father” from inside his jersey.

In an official statement after the game, he said, “I demand that the ELN release my father as soon as possible, and I also ask the International to do all it can to ensure his freedom. Every moment we are more worried because there are no words to express the terrible feelings of our family. It will remain so as long as my father does not come home. We implore you to release him now to end our family’s suffering.” Despite Diaz’s pleas, there has been no news of his father’s release.

Then came another shocker. Neymar’s family had also been attacked by armed robbers. “The robbers even planned to kidnap Mavi because she was his daughter,” Sky Sports reported. Luckily, Neymar’s girlfriend wasn’t there,” Sky Sports reported.

The armed robbers have reportedly already been apprehended by police. “The 20-year-old perpetrator has already confessed,” the outlet said. The search for the other robbers is still ongoing,” it added.

Neymar took to social media to express his devastation. “First the attack on my parents, thank God they are safe, then the death of my friend. May God welcome Luana with open arms,” he wrote in tribute to his departed friend.