Brother Austin and brother Aaron Nola hyperbolic

The Philadelphia Phillies made the fastest free agent signing of the 2023 offseason.

They signed Aaron Nola, 30, to a 21-year, $174 million (224.6 billion won) contract after he rejected a qualifying offer. His annualized salary is $24.85 million (32 billion won). It is the first $100 million free agent signing of the offseason. It’s also the first $100 million free agent signing of the offseason, according to Dave Dombrowski, president of baseball operations. Dombrowski has a recklessly bold approach to free agency.토토사이트

This makes him a one-club guy, drafted by the Phillies, who made his debut in 2015 and will be with the team for seven more years. It’s a similar pattern to the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge, who signed a nine-year deal last year.

Nola’s long-term deal is an ideal situation for the player, the organization, and the fans. Nola is not a top-of-the-rotation starter, but he is an absolute force on the mound for the Phillies. In 2017, his third year, he started 27 games and took the mound every fifth day without injury.

Excluding the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, he averaged 32.6 starts from 2018 through this year. Has pitched in regulation innings in every start since 2017. Has pitched 200+ innings three times. In the postseason this year, he appeared in four games, allowing six runs in 23 innings for a 2.35 ERA. Zack Wheeler is a one-two punch on the mound.

While his younger brother Nola is preparing for a warm winter with a big contract, his older brother Austin, 33, is in a different situation. ‘Tis the season for cuts. Last weekend, the San Diego Padres non-tendered four players, including catcher Austin Nola and pitcher Tim Hill.

A “non-tender” is simply a release. A team releases a player without signing him to a contract, making him a free agent. In Major League Baseball, players don’t take a pay cut unless they sign a free agent contract. When a team non-tenders a player, it means that there are no factors that can increase his salary. It also means that there is a player available to replace him.

Austin Nola has struggled with injuries this year, batting .146 with one home run and eight RBIs in 52 games. His salary this year was $2.35 million.

Aaron and Austin are both from Louisiana in the southern United States. They went to college side by side at LSU (Louisiana State University). The older brother is a catcher and the younger brother is a pitcher. Austin was traded from the Seattle Mariners of the American League to the San Diego Padres of the National League in 2020, which led to a brotherly pitching duel.